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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free CD for the 950th member.

Free CD for the 950th member. You heard that right! An incredible offer you can't refuse. Here’s how it works!

To encourage you to get others to join this Facebook membership, I'll buy the 950th (nine hundred and fiftieth) member Lüszi's CD out of my own pocket. If you are signing up your friends, I’ll give the credit to you. Just send me a message that it was you. Since I’m new to this group thing, and due to the volume of messages, I may miss yours, so please remind me.

I plan to develop a lot of topics on this site, and to do it, I’m creating a blog page (also new to me), ranging from Lüszi herself, to teenage issues, philosophy, or whatever else may come to mind, along with great clips and videos, all in the effort to market my friend Lüszi and her CD. You’re welcome to post anything that is suitable for the general audience.

Even if you don’t like Lüszi or her CD, you’re welcome to stay – controversy and debate may be healthy (I’ll be the judge of that).

Thank you all again for joining and telling your friends about this great young talent – and always, always mention the CD. :D Whew, now I'll try my Hungarian. By the way, I have the CD and it’s perfect for my taste! - Translation will come today!

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