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Friday, October 30, 2015

Eszenyi Enikő’s last SMS to me:

Eszenyi Enikő’s last SMS to me:

Eszenyi Enikő’s telephone number: 06 30 421 6161

"It was your last sms!! I will go to police! Molestetion”

She responded to my last sms that read:

"You support bad people and bad performers over good ones. They say that in the old system you couldn’t be in a good position if you weren’t a communist member party. I think you were part of that ideology. Am I right? "

A year and a half ago or two I was brought into contact with Enikő and worked for her for about two months only to help her with her less than adequate English. In this blog I’ve already mentioned that I gave Enikő and her friend Presser Gábor Lüszi’s CD, and how on the first day I met Enikő I mentioned Lüszi’s name a few times during the hour and a half—not just once—because she seemed, or pretended to, not hear me, then when she finally did hear me, she flicked her hand up, sighed, and implied something to the effect that Lüszi was a nobody. I was still doing my research at that time, and only 2-4 weeks after my time with Enikő did I find out that the jury had direct knowledge of, and involvement in the scandals, namely the Király family bribes, but also I could strongly assume, through a lot of circumstantial evidence, that they played a direct part in the behavior of the entire Megasztár family’s abuse toward Luszi.

So, I had been texting Enikő from time to time, trying to push her buttons, yes, but she just ignored them all, probably after she realized what I knew and what I was doing, and so finally, I wrote the above text, and in kind, she wrote me her ultimatum. Enikő, did in fact, along with the rest of the jury, permeated the lies, support the scandals, and the abuse with the Király family, TV2, RTL Klub, ATV, MTV, and other mafia-like centric organizations—with impunity. I could go on regarding my findings—some presumptious, some with strong circumstantial evidence, and some with hard facts, including showing probable that Hungarian politicians may also be apart of the grande scheme—certainly a judge or two, but that would take more time than I have for this project anymore. Here, this is probably my last writing regarding this project—my time is up (2015.Oct.30)—Herein, I just wanted to point out the heartlessness, the indifference, the callousness of the eltist that control this country, and the puppets who follow them.

Reiterated notes:
From the very first time I met Enikő, I asked her if she remembered Tóth Lüszi. She seemed to not understand me, but later I realized it may have even been more rancorous. After she acknowledged she knew Lüszi, she sighed, and said something to what I took effectively to say she’s a nobody and never will be a somebody.

As already mentioned in my blog, I gave her and Presser Gábor—through her, Lüszi’s work. I heard nothing in response, not a peep.

So, I don’t have Enikő’s email address, but her phone number, as written above. I first sent her sms’ from time to time, every month and a half or so..’Merry Christmas’, ’I saw your advertisement’, but also, ’I found out (just found out) that you were involved in the scam’. My sms’ remained about 1.5 months apart, as I was careful enough not to piss her off right away. They were quite cordial at first, saying that maybe you could call her and apologize. I even asked her to ask Presser Gábor to put Lüszi on stage and for them to give me a price because I was willing to pay for it (I’m not rich). I would have paid a high price for it. Soon after that Presser Gábor is seen promoting Radics Gigi, TV2 and Gábor also promoted Caramel—I haven’t heard about Caramel for a while, so I hope that’s a good sign in my intent to dismantle many of these players. I later suggested that she and the rest pitch in and buy Lüszi a horse since they assured her demise in the singing industry.

You know, singing comes from the heart, and once your heart is truly broken and discouraged from this work, well, that soul and that energy and that drive can seldom be brought back.  This is not to say Lüszi hasn’t moved on; she seems to be a pretty happy camper nowadays, and shares messages with her parents regularly—the family is lovely with each other, and has been for some time; I can guess as a distant observer who checks their corrrespondences with each other from time to time—ok, almost everyday.

Well, finally, I started to bother Enikő each month, then 3 weeks, then whenever I wanted to say something more. I DON’T WANT THESE People to forget me or what they did. NO ONE in Hungary will hold them accountable. It’s pathetic.

So, while this may be the last thing I write in this blog, my campaign will continue. The corruption that despairs my newly found country is overwhelmingly bizarre, and continues to erode away the prospects for a more decent Hungary. 

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