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Monday, July 4, 2011

This contest is for anyone who would like to win Lüszi’s debut CD.

This contest is for anyone who would like to win Lüszi’s debut CD. 
This contest will officially begin when we reach 200 club members, and will last until we reach 400 members, or a month, whichever is longer.  You can write your text in Hungarian, English, French, German, or Spanish – the text will then be translated to English and Hungarian, if it seems that your text is competitive and needs to be translated.
This competition will be geared toward you helping me compose a couple of interesting texts, similar to what I’ve used and written, as shown below. You will also need to attach a photo to the text (there’ll be only one winner among the entries). The text must be accompanied by a photo, as I have done. These texts will help us advertise the CD.
My current Hungarian text (see below) is 67 words, and 462 characters. You will be disqualified if your text is longer than 500 words.
Once we reach 200 members, you can post your pictures with the text and encourage your friends to “Like” it.
The point system will be based on:
1. The amount of “Likes” you receive. I point per “Like”.
2. Up to an additional 0 to 5 points for finding a photo that is not already posted in our current photo albums, and that best captures our aims (Hint: Read my blog about why I started this site).
3. If the real Lüszi (Rozii Maza) clicks “Like”, you’ll get an additional 5 points. If a fake Lüszi clicks like, you’ll get 2.
4. If the real Lüszi blogs a comment under your theme, you’ll get as many points as words she texts, if it’s a positive statement (smilies aren’t included). 
5. You’ll get up to an additional 10 points if you try to translate it to a non-native language.
My current text:
Dear friends, I have recently released my first CD. It consists of 10 songs, 7 of which are in English, 2 in Hungarian, and one in French – with my picture smack dab on every page – if you like girls, hey, I’m hot. :D Please pass it on to your friends. We have 1000 we need to sell by summer’s end.  It’s beautiful, the music is originally, and professionally orchestrated. Made in none other than France, I hope you will cherish it as much as I. Szeretlek titeket.  -

Kedves Barátaim, mostanában jelent meg az első CD-m. 10 dalt tartalmaz,  közülük  7 angolul van, 2 magyarul, és egy franciául – minden egyes oldalon én vagyok teliben – héj, ha szeretitek a belevaló lányokat, hát az vagyok :D Kérlek küldjétek tovább a barátaitoknak!  1000-et kéne eladni nyár végére .  CD szuperjó, eredeti és profin hangszerelt. Mind egytől egyig Franciaországban készült. Remélem, hogy annyira fog Nektek tetszeni, amennyi szeretettel készült!

“First Create the Image, and then become the Image”!  This is something I often tell my business-oriented students. One way to make this happen for this club is to get our membership count up higher so we as one unit, one team, look more and more organized and popular. I am working to get this done, and I’m asking for your help as well.
If you win, I’ll need your mailing address so that the CD can be mailed, if you cannot make it to my office.

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