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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud with the Kiraly Family, TV2, Friderikusz, Presser Gábor, Mester Tamás, Fenyő Miklós, Eszenyi Enikő, tabloid magazines, other Hungarian TV and Radio outlets, and you, their supporters – Organized Crime Exposed – In Memory of Tóth Lüszi

The Original Title Was:

(RTL Klub +) The TV2 and Király Family Scam (in Connection with Caramel, Radics Gigi, Fekete Dávid, Nguyen Thanh Hien, Friderikusz's, and other's involvement as well) - Organized Crime Exposed - In Memory of Tóth Lüszi

Version 4
„A név változhat, de a játékszabályok maradnak" - “Changing the Name Doesn’t Change the Game.”

"The Corruption that Is As Big As Hungary Itself - The Games & Puppet Masters Exposed"
"Lüszi's Priceless Smile - A Journey Befuddled"
"Megaszar Shames the Innocence"
"Lüszi the Survivalist"

"I rejoice in the joy of others, even if they never ask for it, 
I do not want any harm to come to anyone,
I send a smile to anyone anytime without anger, All of this without interest,
Happily, I do it, This is the right way at all times,
that's what I believe.”... "in turn, I think, you don’t need to fear me.”
- Tóth Lücienne Edit "Lüszi" (2012.06.)

Note: Although I criticize certain people, namely Caramel, who I never really liked, especially in this text, Lüszi continues to support him by sharing his videos. What I have written in this text are exclusively my own thoughts.

"Caramel did Lucy wrong" - Fact. "Caramel is a cowardly bastard". Is this my opinion, or the facts, based on the facts?

When TV2’s Megasztár first came onto the scene, I became one of its biggest fans; not only was it a great way to support my Hungarian language development, but also the Hungarian culture and its youth. To express our support, my wife and I had already gone to 3 of Megasztár’s galas by 2007, and I had even collected many of the popular singers’ signatures for a young student I had at that time, upon the closing of its 3rd year.  

Unfortunately, the next year changed every part of my positive attitude toward this "game”, a game that turned out to be more of a cruel hoax, rather than anything I’d want anybody to be watching. Megasztár 4 was unorganized, infested with corruption, energized with smear campaigns against others who did not go with the flow, but in particular, it was excessively abusive to one of my favorite starlets, 13 year old Tóth Lüszi who I felt was exceptionally bright, talented, and graceful –they ridiculed and belittled her in ways that oscillated throughout the media and nation – the Cinderella-story game became a reality, and I was appalled at the recklessness of so many so-called "adults", and the lack of support on her behalf. 

One politician stated "Only dead fish go with the flow”, and that statement holds water – I’m not one to follow when it’s the wrong course, and I can see it. If the competition were on the up and up, Lüszi could have had a real shot at winning, but truth be told, she didn’t have any shot at all, nor did anyone else, as based on talent. The game was rigged from the gate, and I had been exposing it for what it is as my rhetoric and facts become more clear over time. However, in 2012 the TV2 administration, the Király family and others were shown my research, but instead of reconciling, they hit Lüszi again to spite me.

Still in command, still abusive, and still hiding the facts, the power hungry are still maintaining their power through money manipulations and deceit in a no-holds barred game to define the rules of the game itself – in fact, what Viktor and the administration did against Lüszi’s well-being in 2012 - and me, during Megasztár’s 2012 finale was the lowest - and the media that knows about it refuses to report on it. Never mind that, Lüszi is just fine and is as pure as gold.

The Cinderella-story game in real-life is not fun to stomach, and I helped her understand just how direct the opposition was, and intent it was on damaging her. Lüszi is amazingly resilient, however, and has moved past it, accepting that TV2 has no intention to treat her like others. No matter, this is not a game Lüszi would like to be a part of, or to be privy to. In this game, you have a "poor” victim who has dreams, is talented, is clever, does have aims that can be achieved if certain things fall into place, and is ambitious, but often lacks a lot of personal support. Then you have the opposition, a mean group which works to suppress the innocence, mocks and prods and works to encourage the victim into a self-destructive course - there are many ways to self-destruct. One can only guess why this game is played against such a charming thing: jealousy, a fear-complex that she’ll harness the energy of the spotlight better than they, social intercourse of belonging to the cool crowd, payoffs and bargains – at the expense of another – to gain favor and advantage for those willing to participate. In real-life, it is indeed a deadly game.

This is the 4th version of this document, and I am writing it because after sharing my work with Megasztár, the Király family, and a long host of others, Megasztár is now "defunct”, but a new game has emerged, and others will likely follow. The new one is now called "The Voice”. So, I must now rename my documentation as well, stressing the fact that "Changing the Name Doesn’t Change the Game”, and my targets are not dynamic, but static. 

This document has a life of its own and has grown to more than 30 pages. It is also great for English language learners because my intent has been to write full of flavor, and direction not only to keep my readers’ interests, but also to provide a mirrored translation for my most advanced students. Despite that, it is not an act, nor full of flamboyant expressions for the sake of writing, but a crystalized description of how I feel and the facts mounted upon one another regarding TV2’s and the Király family’s incessant attacks against someone who may interrupt their own nasty dreams.

This document is divided by versions. In this 4th version I’m only going to briefly write about:
  1. My purpose for being so passionate about this case (besides the fact that I’m a scorpion).
  2. What I expect to accomplish.
  3. A very short introduction into each version. 
1. I became so passionate in this theme because I saw this game played out many times before personally, and it is not at all a healthy one for anyone to play, or be a victim of, let alone an entire community and television station. I do believe that one man can make a difference, and by the direct responses I’ve received by the TV2 puppet masters and their puppets – mostly rebellious and negative – like little children who have had their candy taken away, I know that I am having an effect. I am almost a one man army, but others have silently joined me by their lack of support for this organization, and now I am going to keep up the pressure as long as it takes for my efforts to accomplish my objectives.

2. I hope that my readers boycott TV2, especially all of its contests, which are rigged and are not real contests, to also boycott the Király family, Caramel, and other puppet masters and their puppets, zombies and drones – to not support such vile acts against our own youth and brains. We are creating a new generation of zombie leaders – don’t be a zombie – without conscience, heart, compassion. You know, when I was growing up in the U.S.A., when someone joined a contest, it was just a  contest, and we were usually taught that win or lose, "It's only a game”, and "It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. Around these parts, these things have become high stakes, and crushing the competition by any means is acceptable, and even encouraged. 

My campaign stops when my objectives are met. My objectives will have been met
  1. when the details of the findings of the Megasztar 4 scam are released
  2. when the top dogs at the TV2 station steps down, along with the administrations in Megasztár, and now called "The Voice”.
  3. when most of the Megasztár puppets are no longer prominent, especially all of those who were there during the Megasztár 6 finále, in particular, those who sang "We are Family” – all those except for one, at this time. These fools also knew what had transpired just minutes before, namely, Király Viktor and Gigi singing "I Believe I Can Fly” just weeks after Lüszi sang it – they did it in a spiteful rendition, and I had been sharing Lüszi’s talent with enough of them to believe many, if not most, knew what Viktor was trying to do and why – the facts speak loud and clear.
  • Király Viktor "the Imitator” and family
  • Caramel "the pathetic sympathizer”
  • Patai Anna "the sycophant” and family
  • Tóth Vera "the forgetful one”  
  • ...and the list is extensive... The new generation of puppets ... they may or may not be good singers – that’s not the point. The point is that they are learning a coldness, a self-centered script that doesn’t give way to courtesy to others if it doesn’t serve their selfish purposes – to become stars. "Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” I am troubled by the apathy I’ve experienced with this group.
      4. when TV2 compensates Lüszi and her family for damages, or she is recognized as the talent and enjoyable lady she is.

3. A very short introduction into each version.

Version 1 was also titled "Why I Started the ’Tóth Lüszi’s Dream to Sing’” Facebook page, but was more directed toward Lüszi and concerns that I had about where she was going in life and all of the fake Tóth Lüszis on Facebook. That version is obsolete.

Version 2 reformats the same theme, but redirects "Why I Started the ’Tóth Lüszi’s Dream to Sing’” Facebook club to the Megasztár scandal that involved the Király family, showing the facts, and the fact that there was a court judgement on the issue that was never publshed in the mainstream media. It also reveals an extensive network of children who are playing the games "catch me if you can”, or "imposter”, with what was more than 14 fake Tóth Lüszis on Facebook, and other negative pages including a "Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi” facebook page that remains today.... (Click here to see of something similar: ‘TERRORIZED’: THE GUT-WRENCHING STORY BEHIND BULLIED 12-YEAR-OLD’S SUICIDE)

Version 3 adds that in 2012, after Király Tamás (Király Viktor’s father) blamed me for his Eurovision loss (Yes, I can prove it), Király Viktor purposely targeted Lüszi and me in an attempt to stress us and has made a concerted effort for Lüszi to have more difficulty in achieving her most desired passions – singing and acting on a large stage. Lüszi, by the way, has more talent and experience in this arena than the vast majority of wannabes in Hungary today; Lüszi could likely become more popular and marketable, more easily, and with a sustainable wind on her back than most. 

Version 4 stresses that just because the Megasztár brand name has now been made "defunct”, and has been replaced by "The Voice”, the game has not changed. My targets are not so dynamic, but static. They are directed at these individuals and organizations: TV2, Megasztár / The Voice, the top TV2 executives, and the old Megasztár administrators, The Király family, and those singers on stage who show no interest in befriending my friend - "No action is action”, many with whom I have had some direct contact. 
Version 3
Megasztár is a Scam - Welcome to TV2's & the Király's World - Organized Crime in the Buff - in Memory of Tóth Lüszi 
Please note: The information in this document is in no way intended to discredit any contestants, administrators, or any other innocent bystanders, but rather to expose the wrongful nature of Megasztár, its corrupt, biased, and misguided voting system, while I share with you  a story of my most talented and charismatic young friend Tóth Lüszi, who was bamboozled by it. Lüszi has in no way endorsed this document.

I wish I had more time to illustrate why I believe that the Megasztár contest is still rigged, and that the audience’s voting system is still a scam, but I’m only going to take you back to Megasztár 4, 2008, where a 13 year old soared to win, only to have her wings clipped—railroaded—in a ruthless game that was by no means a talent contest, but a cruel popularity contest that was, in all likelihood, paid for by monetary favoritism—regardless of “collateral damage".

Current singers such as Király Viktor and Caramel (Lüszi adored Caramel), for example, have won the popularity contest, perhaps even by bribes, but not the singing contest. If technical vocal and performance experts were to be true to their professions, it wouldn’t be likely that either would be getting so many opportunities. Lüszi, however, did win the singing contest that she entered, but not the popularity contest. Popularity, of course, matters the most, especially in a market that forces a pre-selected group of talents onto their audiences. And their herds—the audiences, follow their cues like good little sheep to continue the onslaught of ridicule and inappropriate behavior that permeates throughout the masses.

"The Hungarian Sheeple"

"The Király Family and their Gangsta Ways"

"Lüszi Helps the Puppet Masters Destroy her Innocence and Competencies"

In fact, if someone were to really take the time to research this matter further, one could easily conclude that financial benefits of some sort were provided to others beyond Megasztár’s doors to directly hatchet Lüszi’s career—even though she was an innocent 13 year old putting on her best smile every single morning, and every single day to weather the incendiary storm that was brewing with every successful step. Although Lüszi deeply felt misfortunes were knocking on her door for daring to challenge and interrupt the status quo of the establishment, she did not yet fully comprehend the mayhem that was to follow.

The cruelty and lack of heart is so imbedded in these people it’s hard to swallow, but it never ceases to amaze me. At the end of Megasztar 6’s finale on May 26, 2012, Király Viktor and Gigi sang a duet, "I Believe I Can Fly" (a 1996 song by R&B singer R. Kelly), which Lüszi sang on April 18, 2012. You see, I had been sharing it with people ever since she sang it—I’ve listened to it several times, and have mentioned minor pronunciation problems to her, which she was already aware of. I praised her. I want the whole world to see this exceptional lady, to experience the friendship, and her talents—I shared it with Viktor, Caramel and others weeks before the finale.

"If Only Lüszi Understood"
Last year, a month or so before Lüszi’s 16th birthday, I had asked Caramel if he would wish Lüszi a happy birthday—I wanted to surprise her. He ignored my pleas, but only after I showed him that Király Tamás had called to threaten me did he write back to tell me that he had already said he likes her, which he actually didn’t do—yes, he lied, because that was the first time he had ever written back. I admit that there were occasions where I tried to push him, and sent him private messages and videos that Lüszi had shared with others of him—Lüszi is so gracious and just precious that she is willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, even though their hearts are filled with worms. He had since never responded.

Then suddenly to my amazement, after his Eurovision ”attempt”, I saw the entire Király family on his friendship list—did he sell his soul? Did he ever have a soul? I sent him Lüszi’s singing performance of  "I Believe I Can Fly" anyway. Not to my amazement, no response. I waited, but then began making more connections and sending it out, hoping that someone would have the decency to acknowledge her as a professional in her prime. I personally don’t want in any way to be famous, and I didn’t really intend to hurt someone else’s directives, unless they were bent on destroying my friend; but Lüszi belongs on stage, and in a comforting group—certainly not that group—it’s clear. Caramel is on the take, it seems to me.

"Crime and Cover UP Exposed"
Well, a bit of a miracle happened, actually, and in fact, I’ve recently began to believe in a good and just God again—the course of these events re-sparked my idea of such a notion. It happened when my wife and I were walking through the Normafa Park when she told me that Megasztár was staying at the hotel, so I asked her if we could stop in. I spoke to Zoli, a producer, and he agreed that he’d accept my package if I brought it to him. I gave him a free CD, and the papers. I was thinking, “Wow, what are the odds of me catching up with these guys?” I thought that probably the new administration would have more class, and since Király Viktor’s father told me that he had nothing to do with Megasztár—or Lüszi, I thought I could have a chance with reason. I had also shared this video with well over 100 people, both foreign and domestic.

"The Wicked Ways of the Hungarian Elite"
Viktor definitely set the tone last night by singing her song in a pathetic imitation, but now we are going to compare both Caramel, who Lüszi said was better than she—I disagreed, and Viktor to Lüszi. In spite, they didn’t invite her to the finale, and sang the song that she sang with a heart full of gold. Lüszi goes to a music school with real professionals, and has several advantages in talent over her suppressors.

Nevertheless, the spite and lack of civility runs deep in the veins of the Királys, that Lüszi is forced to sign a 4 year contract that is as empty as a brilliant crystal without sunlight—never so much as receiving one call whatsoever. This is after the Megasztár abuses that she endured by her handlers that no other star before or since has. And now almost 4 years later . . . . The “Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi” Facebook page also seems to be a mantra in the Megasztár circle as well.

Let me start with Caramel. Caramel’s jaw reminds me of a train riding on a loose track, or an old Soviet jalopy riding on barren land. He’s making the effort to try to sing, jerking and churning his jaw with a wrinkled face, trying to produce something that someone would like to hear rather than just singing and letting the definitions in the song carry him through. His facial expression isn’t one of anguish when he sings a sad song, or one of happiness when he sings a happy song—his expression is always the same—a forced look more like when someone is trying to squeeze out something.
"No, They Aren't Nice People!"

As for Victor, "the Imitator", you can judge for yourselves and compare his “I Believe I Can Fly” with Lüszi’s. It doesn’t seem as likely that he was trying to sing a song that he liked, and certainly not for the sake of the original artist, but against Lüszi. This kid imitates Michael Jackson poorly, and he imitates Lüszi poorly. Here is a kid who grew up with a silver spoon, and became a star by means of his daddy’s purse strings. His elongated face and yellow craggy teeth, unkempt, unshaven style may be a “bad-guy” look, but it would serve him well to wash his face before going on stage. His singing is abhorrent, forced by faked expressions, also trying to show compassion without having any, to share his thoughts of love, and ”flying” high to become a star. Does the audience give him adulation, or do they just put up with it? He often has very half-naked and very sexy dancers to compensate for his lack of singing talent. In his form, one can certainly say that sex sells more than his voice, and his family’s money buys whatever they want, while the nonchalant audience gives it to him—“it’s only a show, man, it’s only a show”—which is inappropriate for family viewing, and which Tamás Király is counting on—a dumbed-down audience.
"Has Lüszi Fallen Prey?"

Then there is the ”Puppet Master”, Király Tamás and the Megasztár administration, who even made certain that Tóth Lüszi was not but a flash of light across one video during the special effects, and no more. Was she even invited? A family of who? Reminds me of ”The Munsters”. The old Megasztár singers sang A „Mega Család” – We are family (Sister Sledge) together. "...I got all my sisters with me...Ev'ryone can see we're together...(bla, bla, bla)".  Nevertheless, on almost all of their faces, I could feel the lack of sincerity, the emptiness in their hearts, and the knowledge of their seductions into sins and money beguiled. Maybe Patai Anna showed something different, oblivious to it all, or David, who was also cheated—and knowingly so. Has anyone ever seen "The Soviet Story" where the audience is cheering while people are being disposed of in ditches? Was it also a stab at 16 year old Lüszi, explaining in coded form—what is referred to as Martian language, that “they are family—and she is not?” This is the way it seems to me!

"Hungarian Puppet Masters and You, Their Puppets, The Audience"
The group song, I can say with 100 percent certainty was a jab at Lüszi. First, I’d like to say to Lüszi that I am so sorry. You warned me not to distribute your CD, but I didn’t Listen. The group song, “We are family”, is such a simple song for such a “talented bunch”, but it was a clear message. It is the only performance in all of these singing contest shows in this country where the stars from days gone by got up on the stage, did not make an attempt to have some type of choreograph, or costumes, or do anything out of the ordinary. No, they were all suckered into getting up on stage like any other 4th grade class to deliver the message only. In so doing, Király Tamás was so spiteful that he ignored the professional trainers, and consequently forgot about the show to deliver the message. My student said that “It seemed like a last minute idea that was just thrown together without sense”—that was before I told her that it made perfect sense to me. My student said that “it was so weak”.
"How to Create a Nation of Zombies via TV and Radio"

I would also like to comment on the present jury. Although I don’t know any of them personally, they seem nice enough, but they are not jurists. They should take pointers from Csillag Születik, or come to my assertiveness training courses. It’s Ok to critique and devote attention to real details rather than giving hope where hope doesn’t seem real, nor providing substantive judgments based on false premise.

And now we turn to Lüszi. Lüszi’s song is just below. She is precious, sings naturally, with a warm heart entertaining her pleasant, and mutually respectful guests. At the same time, her production is most fitting to all that she has felt in her life—the compassion and fortitude of a winner—she is telling me and others that she is alive, she is telling us her story, and triumphs and tribulations in a heartfelt emotional symphonic and dramatic chorus line – Lüszi is well, and She is back! Although there are minor pronunciation errors, her production is much more worthy of attention. To take that away from her, well, there are no words to describe it—It was diabolical, and despicable outrage is how I felt. Please, judge for yourselves.

Extra videó - Lüszi goofs around with girlfriend, and on the Facebook post asks something to the effect, 'I'd make a good actress, wouldn't I?'

Published articles written about this subject (translated):
Titokzatos idegen karolná fel Tóth Lüszit: - Mommo - Kiadás datum (?)..Tóth Lüszi Franciaországban lesz sztár..Hatalmas bravúrt hajtott végre...Nem hoztak szerencsét a toplistás dalok Tóth Lüszinek...Lüszi: Franciaországban leszek sztár...Renaud Schmitt (31) készen áll, hogy igazi sztárt faragjon belőle..Lüsziért eddig nem kapkodtak a magyar kiadók..a kislány nem sokáig élvezhette a sikert, ehelyett támadások hadával ...Ügyvédhez fordul Tóth Lüszi anyukája, Edit. A Megasztár legfiatalabb versenyzőjének szülei felháborítónak tartják, hogy a TV-vel kötött szerződés szerint kislányuknak akár késő este vagy hétköznapokon is fel kell lépnie....
Miért a torzítás?

Should a foreigner support Tóth Lüszi: - Mommo – Publication date unknown...Tóth Lüszi is going to be a star in France...A huge feat has been luck in bringing Lüszi’s songs to the top hit list...Luszi: I’m going to be a star in France...Renaud Schmitt (31) is ready to make a real star out of her...up to now, Hungarian publishers don’t grab onto her...before long Lüszi will lose her success, in it’s place will receive military attacks...Tóth Lüszi’s mother Edit turns to an attorney. The incessant and vicious attacks against the youngest Megasztár contestant keep her parents outraged that according to the contract their little girl should perform late at night and on the weekdays, as well.
Why the bias?

"Bizalmas információk" - Kifakadt Tóth Lüszi édesanyja - Károly, Karola - Tóth Lüszi édesanyja a napokban könnyeivel küszködve rontott rá egy újságíróra, mivel az bizalmasan közölt információkat jelentetett meg. A Megasztár legfiatalabb, 13 éves versenyzőjét most már többen is féltik a szórakoztatóipartól.

"Confidential information" - Toth Lüszi's mother exploded - Károly, Karola – Within days of confidential information being announced, on the verge of tears, Tóth Lüszi’s mother rushed a reporter. They are already now more afraid of the entertainment industry for Megaszar’s youngest 13 year old contestant.

Drámai! Az RTL Klub megalázott sztárjának mamája szerint Tóth Lüszit tönkretehetik, és sárba döngölhetik! - Storyline - 2008. október 29., szerda 06:45 - ...Utasi Árpi édesanyja is tart attól, hogy fiához hasonlóan a kislányt is megpróbálja majd tönkretenni a bulvársajtó...

Dramatic! According to RTL Klub’s humiliated star's mother, they can ruin and pound Tóth Lüszi into the mud! – Storyline – Wednesday 06:45 -October 29, 2008. ...Utasi Árpi’s mother contends that they are trying to similarly destroy the young lady in the tabloid press like they did her son...

Balogh Imi kiborult! - 2008. november 6., csütörtök 09:00 - Edit, az egyik napilap hasábjain arról beszélt, hogy a Megasztár egyik stábtagja, és Balogh Imi is úgy vélik, hogy nem kívánatos személy a Megasztár-házban, ahová Lüszivel beköltözött. 

Balogh Imi is freaked out! – November 6, 2008 Thursday 09:00 – Edit (Tóth Lüszi’s mother), in one of the daily newspaper column’s was spoken about as if she were one of the Megasztár cast members, and Balogh Imi (a Megaszar (Megaszar means "Mega Shit” in Hungarian, so this spelling is intentional) cast member) reckoned that she was an undesirable in the Megaszar house, where she moved in with Lüszi.

Bajszos Póninak csúfolják Tóth Lüszit az iskolájában - 2008.11.22. 10:35

They mock The Pony with a Mustache Tóth Lüszi at her school – Nov. 22, 2008. 10:35

Tóth Lüszi mamája számon kérte az iskolát: ki csúfolja a lányát!-2008. 11. 25. 08:22 - ...Nkuya Szonja, akivel Lüszi édesanyja egy alkalommal összetűzésbe is került. Az énekesnő ugyanis meg volt győződve róla, hogy Lüszi mamája számolt be a producereknek egyik ballépéséről... Egyre fokozódik az izgalom: ki nyeri majd a versenyt. Lüszivel csaknem egyidős volt a 14 esztendős, vietnámi származású Nguyen Thanh Hien is, ám ő két döntővel korábban kiesett...

Heinnel (aki a 6 helyen végzett) a Tv2 munkatársai, producerei kivételeztek, viszont Lüszit (aki a 4 helyen végzett) semmibe vették? Valaki kigolyózta édes Lüszit? Összehasonlítva a tehetségüket, megjelenésüket, a bűbájosságukat, és szívüket, Lüszi van a csúcson! Ki tenne ilyet? Néhány kérdésre megtalálod a választ itt, ám egy rosszindulatú összeesküvés kialakulóban van, amit nehéz megérteni. Féltékenység, félelem az, ami Lüszit távol tartotta a színpadtól, és más kevésbé bűbájos, tehetséges- ám de kukacos szívű emberektől? A ,,felnőttként” számontartott producerek négy év után is még haragot éreznek iránta?

Lüszi Toth's mother called the school accountable: who is mocking her daughter!. November 25, 2008-08:22 - ... an occasion where Lüszi’s mom clashes with Nkuya Sonja (a Megasztár competitor). The singer was namely convinced that Lüszi’s mother reported a flub-up to the producers...There is increasing excitement: who’s going to win the competition. Lüszi was almost 14 years old, the Vietnamese born Nguyen Thanh Hien is too, but she has already dropped out 2 episodes ago.

Hein (6th place) is lifted up, with TV2 colleagues, producers, designers, but Lüszi (4th place) is condemned? Did someone blackball sweet Lüszi? Comparing talents, and looks, and charm, and heart, Lüszi is tops! Who would do such a thing? Some of the answers may be written herein, but a sinister plot / malevolent conspiracy has been brewing that is hard to understand. Jealousy, nervous that Lüszi may take the stage away from others less charming and talented - away from others with hearts of worms / maggots in their hearts? Are "adult” producers still holding grudges after 4 years?

Lüszi pechje - 2008. Nov. 26, szerda 15:13 - Különlegesség-e Lüszi, a Megasztár 13 éves versenyzője? Miért utálják, és ugyanakkor miért kedvelik annyian? Hol áll a tudásával nemzetközi összehasonlításban? (A szöveg végén videók az összehasonlításhoz)...- egyik az, hogy a másnak "drukkolók" is érzik, itt egy kivételes tehetségről, a kedvencükre veszélyes versenytársról van szó - a másik ok a - sajnálatosan - magyar mentalitás, az irigység azzal szemben, aki valamiben kiemelkedőent teljesít...

Lüszi’s tough luck – Nov. 26, 2008. -- 3:13pm – Is Lüszi, Megasztár’s 13 year old competitor extraordinary? Why is she hated, and yet at the same time cherished? Where does her competence stand in an international comparison? (There are videos at the end of the text for comparison) ... - ... It feels that each one is "rooting" for the other, it is about exceptional talent, a word about their favorite dangerous competitor - another reason - unfortunately – the Hungarian mentality is envy against anyone who is outstanding in something ...

Please follow the links below to find other prodigies, but where the support is overwhelmingly in favor of their young contestants, win or lose, talented or not. It is only in Hungary that you will find a disdain for exceptional talents, and it is only in Hungary where jealous and selfish ambitions run rampant, run amuck. Of course we can use Radics Gigi and Patai Anna as exceptions, whereby TV2 and tabloid magazines such as Blikk find the promotion of fawning zombies entertaining--and where the sheep follow. It is only in Hungary where shows promote “Az ének iskolája”, and find the lowest common denominators to exploit children and the follies of adults—where the “you’re too young to perform on such a stage” phenomenon is suddenly contradicted and discarded.
Child Prodigy Music1
Child Prodigy Music2
Child Prodigy Music3

Súlyos vádak Király Viktor ellen - 2008-12-23 09:22:17 - Blikk - ...érkezett az utolsó percekben Viktorra a Megasztár döntőjében, mintegy 52 millió forint értékben...

Serious accusations against Király Victor – Dec. 12, 2008 - 09:22:17 - Blikk - ... Megasztár’s finale decision came in the last minutes, amounting to 52 million HUF ...

"David Officially Joins the 'Mafia' Circle"
Mi rossz ez képpel? Dávid eladta a szívét az ördögnek? Ismerem Őt annak ellenére, hogy sohasem beszéltünk. "Facebook-on" keresztül lettünk barátok, tagja lett a "Tóth Lüszi's Dream to Sing" csoportnak,  miután Lüszi szívére támadtak, célozztak a Megasztár 6 döntő alatt! Most már tudom, hogy miért viselkedtek így. Dávid mosolya fortéllyal lett eltakarva? Ezért nem válaszolt nekem? Máris kapzsiságból eladta a lelkét a pénznek, gödörben hagyva a tisztességes énjét?

Ki igazolja, hogy ez az 52 millió forint, ami szavazatokra költöttek (216.667 szavazatra) – amiket csak néhány perc alatt hoztak létre- tényleg igazi emberektől származik?  Ha mégsem, úgy egy fillért sem juttattak vissza és még minimális büntetést sem szabtak ki. Ki ellenőrizte a pénz visszatérítését? Milyen sávszélesség képes kibírni egy ilyen váratlan terhelést? Mivel Király Tamás azt mondta nekem, hogy technikai hiba okozta a problémát, úgy Viktor egy félreértés során jutott győzelemhez, amit kétségtelenül nem érdemelt meg.

What's wrong with this picture? Did David sell his heart to the devil? I know him, despite the fact that we have never talked. We became "friends" through Facebook, he became a member of the "Lüszi Toth's Dream to Sing" group after they attacked Lüszi’s heart, they targeted her during the Megasztár 6 finale (2012)! Now I know why he has behaved in such a way. Is David's smile covered in deception? Is that why he doesn’t respond to me? Did he sell his soul to money and greed, leaving the honorable man in the gutter?

Who certifies that this 52 million HUF was spent on real votes (216 667 votes) – that the votes that came into existence within just a few minutes, came from real people? If they didn’t, then not a penny, nor a minimum fine was imposed. Who controlled the money refund? What kind of bandwidth is capable of withstanding such an unexpected load? Since Thomas Király had told me that it was caused by a technical error, then Viktor undoubtedly secured a victory which he did not deserve in the course of a misunderstanding.

Albérlettel szúrják ki a Megasztár győztesének szemét - 2008. december 24., szerda 09:20 - terabithia

The sublet pierces the eyes of the Megasztár winner – Dec. 24, 2008 – Wednesday 09:20 - terabithia

Fekete Dávid fehér autót kap Friderikusztól - 2009.01.04. 10:29 - Csak Dávid volt Friederikusz kedvenc versenyzője? Ez nem gyanús?

Vajon csak azért adta Frideriusz Dávidnak az autót, mert a kedvence volt? Dávid volt Friderikusz egyedüli kedvence? Ez vajon nem gyanús? Vajon miért kérdezte meg Friderikusz Lüszit a világ előtt, hogy nem ő a magyar Brittney Spears-e? Kért-e valaha elnézést ezért, vagy akár csak egy percig is érzete-e emiatt szomorúnak magát? Valaki netán felbíztatta, megbízta evvel Friderkuszt?

Fekete Dávid receives a white car from Friderikusz – January 4, 2009. - 10:29 – Was it only David who was his favorite competitor? Isn’t this suspicious?

The car was given to David only because he was Friderikusz’ favorite? This doesn’t set off red flags? Why did Friderikusz ask Lüszi in front of the world if she was going to be the next Brittney Spears? Did he ever apologize, or even feel sad for one minute for it? Did someone goad Friderikusz to do it / Did someone put him up to it?

Aljas átverés! A TV2 miatt ...- Bakó Istvánné - 2009-04-16 15:50:37, csütörtök - Aljas átverés! A TV2 miatt hiúsult meg a megasztáros koncertje...

Mit Nyíregyháza tudott, a közvélemény nem volt hajlandó elismerni, vagy érdekelni?

Despicable scam! Due to TV2 ... – Mrs. Bakó István – April 16, 2009 15:50:37 Thursday - Mean scam! Due to TV2, the blighted Megasztár concert ...

What did Nyiriháza know that the public didn't, or wasn't interested in?

Szörnyű! Tóth Lüszi el fog tűnni a süllyesztőben! - 2009. május 7. csütörtök 11:39 - HírExtra - Nagyon úgy néz ki, hogy Tóth Lüszi nagylemeze csak álom marad, mert senki sem akarja azt kiadni...Most úgy néz ki, hogy hiába lett ő 2009 legjobb hangja, legalábbis a TV2 szerint, ennek ellenére még rögös utat kell bejárnia ahhoz, hogy sztár lehessen. Azt is mondhatnánk, hogy még messze áll a sikertől...

Terrible! Toth Lüszi will disappear down the drain! – May 7, 2009 -  Thursday 11:39 - HírExtra - It looks like Toth Lüszi’s album will remain a dream because no one wants to publish it ... Now it looks like 2009’s best voice was in vain, at least according to TV2, in spite of this, she still has a rough road ahead of her, if she should become a star. we can say that she stands far from success ...

Személyit kapott Tóth Lüszi - Blikk - 2009-09-05 05:55:00 - ahogy Király Viktor papája mondta: gyereknek felnőtt, felnőttnek gyerek. Most nem is foglalkozom az énekléssel, a családra, barátokra és a lovakra koncentrálok. Talán később újra visszatérek a popszakmába - mondta Lüszi.

Lüszi jövője tényleg a családja, szervezetek és azok kezében van, akik őt elsősorban becsapták?

Lüszi gets an ID - Blikk - 2009-09-05 05:55:00 – Király Victor's father said, "an adult for a child, a child for an adult." "I can not deal with the singing at this time, I am concentrating on family, friends and horses. Maybe I will return to pop music later", Lüszi said.

Is Lüszi's future truly in the hands of the families and organizations that cheated her in the first place?

Visszakapják pénzüket a Megasztár 4 hoppon maradt szavazói: - 2009.09.23. Jogi Fórum / GVH - ...A korábbiakkal szemben a Megasztár 4 című, a TV2-n sugárzott tehetségkutató műsor 8., a Fináléba jutásról döntő adásában megváltoztak a szavazás szabályai – állapította meg a Gazdasági Versenyhivatal (GVH). Az ügyben a hatóság jogsértést azonban nem állapított meg, mivel a TV2-t működtető MTM-SBS Zrt. valamint a Megasztár műsorát készítő Interaktív Kft. vállalta, hogy kártalanítja a felesleges szavazatokat leadó nézőket....

A gyanú és a pletykák igazak voltak? Király Tamás, Király Viktor apukája kínálja a kenőpénzt? Az adminisztráció elfogadja? Miért volt Király Tamás még mindig ott Megasztár 6 finálé alatt 2012-ben, amikor már egy hónappal azelőtt azt mondta nekem, hogy: "Nem volt semmi közöm a  Megasztárhoz mostanában"? Miért nem volt ez a hír általános a médiák műsoraiban? Mi történt? Ki vett részt ebben? Miért volt Lüszi kénytelen elfogadni a hamis szerződést? Miért van Király Tamás és Király Vikor újjlenyomata mindenhol a TV2-ben, ha egy hónappal a Megasztár finálé előtt azt mondta nekem, hogy már nincs köze a Megasztárhoz, és nem érdekli Lüszi vagy én? Miért nem került nyilvánosságra ezt követően információ a médiában? Például, a nyíregyházi eset, vagy a technikai problémáról szóló részletek, amelyek megtörténtéről Király Tamás mesélt nekem ( IT hálózati mérnők háttérrel rendelkezem, és tudom, hogy ennek a problémának az előfordulása eléggé valószínütlen)  Miért? Miért nem érzekezett egy szavazat sem, mióta a a szavazási rendszer meghibásodott? Más sorozatokat miért nem értékeltek?

Megasztár voters get their money back: - Sept. 23, 2009. Legal Forum / GVH - …as opposed to earlier Megasztár 4 broadcasted talent shows, it has been concluded that show 8 had changed the voting rule finale’s data -- Established the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH). However, official infringement was never established because the Megasztár show creator Interactive Ltd. has agreed to indemnify the extra viewers’ casting votes.

Were the suspicions and rumors true? Did Király Tamás, Király Viktor’s father offer bribes?  Did the  administration accept them? Why was Király Tamás still there during the Megasztár 6 finale when he told me a month earlier that "I have nothing to do with Megasztár these days?" Why wasn’t any of this covered by the mainstream news media? What happened? Who took part in it? Why was Lüszi forced to accept a false contract? Why are Király Tamás’ and Király Viktor” finger prints still on everything TV2, when a month before the Megasztár finale he told me that he doesn’t have anything to do with Megasztár, and doesn't "care about" me or Lüszi? Why didn’t any follow-up information come to life in the media? For example, the Nyiriháza event, or the details about the “technical problems” that Király Tamás told me had occurred (I have a network engineering background and know this problem would be highly unlikely) – why? Why, since the voting procedure was flawed, wasn’t there another vote? Why weren’t other series also evaluated?

A Tv2 visszafizeti a Megasztár 4 sms-einek árát - 2009. szeptember 23., szerda 13:31 - INDEX - A Gazdasági Versenyhivatal vizsgálata után a Tv2 visszafizeti az emelt díjas hívások és sms-ek árát annak, aki a hetedik döntő vége és a zsűri egy héttel későbbi döntése közben szavazott Király Viktorra. Mivel teljesen feleslegesen fizettek szavazatonként 240 forintot.

És mi volt pontosan a probléma? Milyen szerver parkot használtak? Ki volt a felelős? Mikor vették észre? A Megasztár rendszer-adminisztrátora miért nem vette észre? Tudom miért! Ezek csak retorikai kérdések.

TV2 repays the costs of Megasztár 4 sms’ – September 23, 2009 – Wednesday 1:31pm - INDEX - After the Hungarian Competition Authority’s (GVH) audit, TV2 will refund premium rate calls and sms’ for those who voted at the end of the 7th episode, and the jury's week late decision voted for Király Viktor. 240 forints were paid per the completely excessive votes.

And what exactly were the problems? What kind of server farm was used? Who was in charge? When did they notice? Why didn't the Megasztár system administrations notice it? I know why! These are just rhetorical questions.

Lüszi: Franciaországban leszek sztár! - Blikk - 2010-03-05 04:00:00 - Scherer Zsuzsanna - Kaposvár - Tóth Lüszi (15) nagy lépésre szánta el magát: miután itthon nem kellett senkinek, külföldön próbál karriert csinálni....„Tíz éve vártam erre a hangra!" – vallotta a zeneszerző Lüszi anyukájának... 

Nos, ha összehasonlítjuk Lüszi videoját és CD-jét másokéval, bárki azt kérdezné rögtön „Hogy tudják kritizálni Lüszi anyagait, míg másokat, akik sokkal rosszabbak, engednek szerepelni?” Lefizettek valaki azért, hogy Lüszi karrierjének keresztbe tegyen?

Lüszi: I'm gonna be a star in France! - Blikk – 05-03-2010 04:00:00 - Susanna Scherer - Kaposvár – Tóth Lüszi (15) decided to take a bold move: After nobody needed her at home, she is going to try her career abroad ... "I waited for ten years for this sound"- confessed the composer to Lüszi’s mother ...

So, we can compare Lüszi's videos and her CDs with others...and any common sense would certainly ask, "How can you criticize Lüszi's materials while letting others that are far worse slide? Was someone paid in some way to generate a brake in Lüszi's stride?

Tóth Lüszi csillaga végleg kialudt az égen? - 2010. március 05. | 07:33 - ...első lemezére Kasza Tibi írja a zenét, Caramel pedig a szöveget, de nem lett belőle semmi....

Did Toth Lüszi’s star finally burn out in the sky? – March 05, 2010 | 07:33 - Kasza Tibi to write music for the first album,  Caramel to write the text, but nothing came of it....

Tóth Lüsziből gagyi" Lucianne lett? - 2010.11.03 08:29 - Két éve után megjelent Tóth Lüszi első, hivatalos videoklipje, melyet közel hétezren tekintettek meg - Számos negatív kritika érte azonban a fiatal lány produkcióját, olyannyira, hogy le kellett tiltani egyes hozzászólásokat a videómegosztón. Sokan magát a klipet is gagyinak találják.

Igen? Akkor nemsokára összehasonlítjuk, oké? Én nem vagyok elfogult, viszont a botrányok mint egy rákos betegség elterjesztenek az egész országban.

From Tóth Lüszi to "crappy” Lucianne? – 03-11-2010 08:29 – Tóth Lüszi appears after her first official video clip, which had nearly seven thousand hits – uncountable negative criticisms, however, of the young girl’s production, so much so that the individual comments had to be disabled on the video. Many people (say that they) find the clip itself to be lame.

Yea? Soon we’ll compare Lüszi’s with others, ok? I'm not biased, but the scandals are like a cancerous disease proliferating across the country.

Ilyen szexi lett Tóth Lüszi - Blikk - 2011-01-04 13:06:00 - A fiatal énekesnő tizenhárom évesen tűnt fel a tehetségkutató műsorban, akkor több támadás is érte...

Tóth Lüszi has become so sexy - Blikk – 01-04-2011 - The young singer appeared at the age of thirteen on the talent show, she had more attacks at that ...

Tóth Lüszike megúszta - rosszabbul is járhatott volna - 2011. ÁPRILIS 26. | 17:31 - STOP

Little Toth Lüszi got away - could have been worse - 2011th APRIL 26 | 17:31 - STOP

Az LGT a Voice 24 legjobb énekesével énekel - LGT és a Voice együttmüködnek! Azt jelenti, hogy Eszenyi Enikőn keresztül adtam Tóth Lüszi CD-jét Presser Gábornak. . Ez azt jelenti, hogy már tudta és benne volt ebben a maffia-típusú szervezetben teljes mértékben?

LGT sings with the best 24 singers in The Voice – LGT and The Voice are working together! That means that since I gave Presser Gábor (who owns LGT Records) Tóth Lüszi’s CD through Eszenyi Enikő...This mean that he already knew about (all of) this, so does that mean he has been deep in this mafia-style organization all along?

The entire Király family is in it! The entire Caramel family is in it! Dávid is in it! Tóth Vera is in it! The entire Patai Anna family is in it! Falusi Mariann is in it, because her Facebook friend is Király Tamás (Show me your friends, and I’ll show you who you are)! Mester Tamás is in it, because surely he knew about the scandal and exchange of favors by the Megasztár 6 showing, right? Some jurors stated during the show that Victor was "definitely" better, and there were no bribes - reminds me of ”The Godfather”, when the Godfather told his son, "the guy who sets up the meeting is the traitor". I have already made a connection with almost every single star mentioned herein this document in one way or another, even though almost none have replied. Even still, all of those mentioned herein do know who I am and they do know what my mission is - to crash any game TV2 produces, their zombies and zombi masters, while keeping Lüszi's name alive.

This is truly an evil, cancerous disease that has spread throughout the Hungarian culture (another argument against preserving the cancer and the culture). Fenyő Miklós publically invites Lüszi to his concert, but somehow Király Viktor tags along. Was it made public? Because I didn't hear about it. I’m sure it put Lüszi in a less comfortable situation. From that point on, I doubt Lüszi and her family are very fond of Miklós, and I have stopped supporting him as well. In fact, I have stopped supporting  almost every Hungarian actor, musician, and show – they disgust me.

Lastly, why does Nguyen Thanh Hien, who came in 6th, have contacts with several producers, hairstylists, other prominent stars and TV2 staff, and the Király family, while Lüszi, who, even with this crooked system, came in 4th has none?

"Lüszi is Beautiful on the Cover, But Who is the Real Lüszi?"

Új információ:
Magyaroknak büszkének kell lennie magára!! Nézetek meg a kommentéket!!
DEMOTIVÁLÓ - azt tetteted, hogy angol vagy és úgy "forgatsz"

New information:

The following photo is a frame taken from Lüszi’s ’I Feel Happy’ debut video that has been heavily criticized by bloggers and spread in tabloids. To me, the video is great, and fits well with the demeanor of the CD, and it’s certainly no worse than any other. Lüszi offers a very simple and natural style—photogenic by all means, with a voice that can hit notes like no other. For me, marketing value should always be the aim, and it’s clear she could produce it if she wanted to, and if Hungary released the pressure of mafia-style tactics that suppress such persons. Anyway, Renaud, who is French, writes a very short SMS to Lüszi in English, and for that the criticism just pours in.

I first saw this photo taken from the video on the ’Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi’-s Facebook page and was curious as to how criticism could come of this. The phone message reads simply, ’Hello Lüszi, let’s meet today at 2pm on Las Palmas street (Street)’. The video link is on (demotivating, a Hungarian page), and the title reads ’azt tetteted, hogy angol vagy és úgy "forgatsz" (you pretend to be British or filming)’. It may sound trivial until you read the comments below them (18 comments, all but one is harshly negative), and 5 or so copies of it on other blogs. Many have commented negatively on the amount of effort and money I’ve put up for this blog, but what kind of people would make such an effort to destroy another child/person who is innocent of any kind of charges volleyed against her...and besides...?

Hungarians should be proud of themselves! Check out the comments!
Demotivating - you pretend to be British or "filming"

Nos, ami ezt a linket illeti, a hozzáfűzött megjegyzések voltak a legzavaróbbak, bár mielőtt elkaphattam volna őket, már nem voltak elérhetőek. Ma, 2013.április 22-én, minden egyes ehhez kapcsolódó cikket elkaptam és lementettem, hogy bemutassam ezeknek az embereknek a mentalitását (más cikkeket sokkal dühítőbbek voltak, sajnos ezeket már utólag nem találtam meg), ha mások úgy döntenek, hogy eltávolítják förtelmes próbálkozásaikat, hogy írjanak valami tárgyilagosat, ami az erejük ostoba pocsékolása, egy média megjelenés és egy általános illendőség.  Számomra lényeges pont az is, hogy bebizonyítsam, hogy hány más bejegyzés másolja ezt a butaságot:


Now, as for this link, the comments appended were the most disturbing, although before I could catch them, they were no longer available. Today, April 22, 2013, the page and comments were back online, so I captured them and saved them to introduce these people's mentality (other articles were more infuriating, but unfortunately, they have not been subsequently found), in case others decided to remove their hideous comments, and media "decorum." For me, the key point is to also point out just how many other copies have been maliciously posted, not just the negativity of the comments:

"More Intelligent Hungarians on Display"

A cikkhez tartozó bejegyzés így szól:
Legalább a telefon menújét változtattad volna angolra.

The entry of the article reads:
You pretend to speak English and  to be "filming"
At least the phone menu could have changed to English.

Lüszi producere is látta ezt. Le lett neki fordítva. ,,Igen, 18 bejegyzés kötött csak egy pozitív. Az emberek mindent ízekre szednek, és megragadnak minden esélyt, hogy kritizálják. Ez hihetetlen….”

Lüszi’s producer saw it. His response has been translated, "Yes, 18 entries with only one positive. People are taking it all to pieces, and taking every chance to criticize. This is unbelievable .... "

Az összes következő link a fenti másolása. Mint ahogy a maiak, egyiknek sincs hozzászolás listája (egy kicsit gyanús is, gondolnám, látni, hogy milyen sok felnőtt érzi szükségesnek, hogy jelentéktelen dolgokat közöljön a ,,Let's Kill Tóth Lüszi (Öljük meg Tóth Lüszi-t)” Facebook oldalon. Egyik sztárnak sem kellett ezt elviselnie, és egyik sztár sem- vagy ahogy én hívom, Zombik- sem a szüleik sem szólták ellene semmit sem. Semmi baj, Lüszi olyan tiszta és egészséges mint az arany.

All of the following links are copies of the above one. As of today, none has a list of comments (a little suspicious too, to think, to see how so many adults feel it necessary to announce such trivial things on the "Let's Kill Toth Lüszi" Facebook page). Not any other star has had to endure such attacks, and not one star, zombi, or their parents that I’ve communicated with have said a word against this behavior. No problem, Lüszi is fine, and as pure as gold.

"Sorry Renáta, I am Compelled to Show the Puppetry"
Ó igen, az új példaképeink! Most komolyan, példaképnek állítanád őket, hogy a gyerekeid felnézzenek és hasonlítsanak rájuk? Tolvai Renátát és Nguyen Thanh Hien-t a TV2 és a Király család támogatja, megmutatva evvel a sötét erők hatalmát, csábítóan és megvetéssel.

Ah yes, the new role models! Seriously, would you declare them to be role models that you’d like your kids to look up to and resemble? Nguyen Thanh Hien and Tolvai Renáta are supported by TV2 and the Király family, showing the power of the dark forces, seductively and with contempt.

Vagy őt? Őt nem támogatják ilyen emberek—egy konzervatív, tisztán beszélőt, egyfelől vonzót, másfelől agyafúrtat.

Or her? Such people do not support her--a conservative, a lucid speaker, on the one hand attractive, on the other hand, astute.

"A Happy Time For My Friend - Smart, Conservative, Well-Mannered"

És oka van annak, hogy a Blikk. c újság által támogatott Szabó Győző és Király Linda a Duettben együtt dolgoztak—szívességet a szívességért. És miért énekelt Hien és Király Viktor is ebben. Uramisten! Sosem hallgattam meg még őket, a mai napig, néha a híreket hallva követem a sorsukat; mialatt ma reggel további információk után kutattam, ez találtam—ne nekem higyj—igazán rémes—kattints Hien és Király Viktor linkjére – ítéld meg magad. ,, A magyar történelem legnagyobb amatőr sikertörténetről beszélünk”, ez lenne a helyénvaló főcím. Egy valós világban esélye sem lenne, csak egy súlyosan rosszul működő és korruptban—egy igénytelen és eltorzított, átlag alatti előadókkal, kivéve, ha az Apu Bábúja pénztárcájához kötődö szálak mozdítanák előre.

Még évek múlva is erőfeszítéseket téve, hogy egy kisminkelt, kivakolt, megkeményedett sminket tegyenek egy elhízott, kimázolt disznóra—nem sikerül, és nem fog sikerülni nekik. Még azt hiszik, hogy dögösek. Nézd meg légyszíves a videót. Hol van itt a kritika? Valójában rosszak, hijján vannak bármely képességnek, hogy piaci értéket érjenek el. Mégis ott vannak, mert a pénzes manipulatorok visszautasítják, hogy beismerjék, rosszul csinálják, inkább mintsem hogy őszintén vállalják a kihívást és a megmérettetést.

And there's a reason why the Blikk tabloid newspaper supported Szabó Gyõzõ and Király Linda working together in The Duett—a favor for favor. And why Hien and Király Viktor sung together. Oh, my God! I've never listened to them yet until today day; sometimes I’ve follow the news to hear their fates, but while I was looking for more information this morning, I found this—don’t believe me—truly awful—click on the Hien and Király Victor link—judge for yourself. "The Biggest Amateur Success Story in Hungarian History” might be an appropriate headline. They wouldn’t have a real chance in the real world—severely dysfunctional and corrupt—unassuming and distorted, below average performers, except if it weren’t for Father Puppet’s purse strings.

Even after years of striving to put/cake/plaster makeup on an obese pig / paint a corpulent pig with makeup—it still doesn't work, and it won’t work. They think they are hot. Please look at their videos. Where is the criticism for that? Truly awful and absent of any ability to reach a market, unless daddy puppet master is working his magic. Those in charge refuse to accept the errors of their ways.

"You Can't Put Lipstick on a Pig and Expect Something Miraculous"

A Hang kétségbeejtő próbálkozása, hogy felhívja magára a közönség figyelmét!
Meztelen táncosnős műbalhéval teper a nézettségért a The Voice - A ,,Tóth Lüszi Project” ennek lett az áldozata?
2013.01.04. 10:30 - sixx

The Voice’s desperate attempt to attract the audience's attention!
Naked female dancers floor The Voice’s ratings with fake commotion – Are they a victim of the Toth Lüszi Project?
04/01/2013. 10:30 - sixx

"The Tóth Lüszi Project Takes Some Credit"

RTL Klub is also in cahoots with TV2. There is just too much circumstantial evidence to disregard this fact; I have additional evidence about it that I cannot easily summarize here. It is, however, a sad truth, and one illustration of this is the new Telenor commercial (2013) with Caramel, Tóth Vera, and Tóth Gabriella featured on RTL Klub, and another is that Tóth Gabriella (TV2’s Megasztár 2) is a jury member on X-Faktor 2013 (RTL Klub), and why many of the shows on both stations are so similar in nature:

RTL Klub TV2
X-Faktor Megasztár
Csillag Születik Énekes Iskolája
Való Világ Éjjel Nappal

I have been watching RTL Klub at times for its late—night movies and Saturday morning cartoons, but NO MORE! I know too well that it too has a similar disdain for a healthy Hungary; nevertheless, I found excuses for myself, repeating in my head that it “wasn’t as bad”—but truth be told, IT IS! Trying to avoid every TV2 show, I watched RTL Klub, but now I am forced into watching Telenor commercials recycling the same theme, with the same TV2 zombie world nincompoops. So as of May of this year 2013, my campaign commences against both stations not just TV2.

Be sure that all of the TV networks are interconnected, and so their biases remain overwhelmingly in the hands of such fools; like any cartel that is controlled by money manipulators and politicians, this nut will be hard to crack, but not impossible, as I intend to demonstrate.

In March of 2013, I discovered that Tóth Vera became Lüszi’s Facebook friend, which was shortly after I wrote to Tóth Gabriella (I don’t know if there is a connection); I was quite happy about that. However, in April, I realized that Vera was no longer her friend. I was a bit dismayed, but usually—-at least for me, I don’t de-friend anyone for reasons other than strong annoyances, or something significant. Lüszi isn’t one to be sending those stupid invitations to play some mindless games. Then, again, Vera, her sister, and Caramel soon thereafter began popping up on my boob tube, so looking at the childish games written herein, it is also conceivable that puppets and their masters brokered a deal that could have even compromised this small gesture of goodwill.

Bár egy új meglepetés közeleg, hónapokig tart, mire összegyűjtöm, amire szükségem van.
Egy kis ízelítő belőle:

Although a new surprise is forthcoming, it will take months for me to collect the information I need.
Here is a little taste of what’s to come:

"A Letter From My Boss: Hello Petró Károly from Lakihegy Rádió" (Angolról magyarra forditás)

*Skype Conversation with RadioHalley

*Tóth Vera writes in response to this blog (2013.Oct 7.) after I sent it to her on Facebook. Look at her class, but it is A Hungarian Typical. She clearly misses the point, though. I don't care if you do work hard Vera, you still are a "media monkey".
Meet Another classy lady that deserves gold by Hungarian tv. and radio standards:
Vera Tóth
Mindenki ugyanonnan, ugyanazokkal az esèlyekkel indult. Ennyi baromságot sem olvastam már régóta... Jézusom. Jézusom... Ha Lüszinek híresnek kell lennie, akkor az lesz, mert a sorsa úgy akarja. Pont ezzel a sok faszsággal teszik tönkre az egyébként sem létező karrierjét. Nem a Megasztárral van baj, hanem azokkal akik utàna kezükbe vették a sorsàt. Èn nem nyertem semmit, nem vittem haza az eredményhirdetés után semmit. A Kemény munka és megbizhatóság volt az ami miatt működöm és nem vagyok médiamajom. Ezzel az erővel Lüszi is az, hisz ugyanúgy aláírta azt a szerződèst. Mit tudja maga én miben dolgozom és mikről döntök a hétköznapjaimban.Mit hőzöngjek hangosan és hibáztassak mást ha nem sikerül valami? Megmondom, hogy kell. Úgy, hogy mindenki csendben marad és magával foglalkozik és csinálja a dolgát és törekszik arra , hogy jobb és jobb legyen. Ez működik hosszútávon és nem a fröcsögés kedves Chris. Sajnálom, hogy beletesz egy ilyen csomagolásba. Magának fogalma sincs dolgokról.., viszlát! Vera
And my response? --Certainly, "this isn't America (of old)."

Really, I'm just showing how the culture of Hungary culminates this narcissism that inculcates the misanthropy permeating throughout the culture.

This story is no longer about Lüszi, and hasn't been for a very long time. Hoping to bring her to life, though, I had been encouraging her to do things more appropriately. When her mother Edit called me a couple of years ago to tell me that her 15 year old Lüszi wasn't the person I thought she was, and in fact called her "evil"—along with her then 22 year old boyfriend János, I took three days off to visit them on my own expense: from Budapest to Kaposvár, 2 nights in a hotel, etc. No reward, mind you, but just to sit and talk with Lüszi and Edit over the weekend. This was a huge surprise to my wife because she didn't know the secret until we were walking to the car; the first thing she said was that we don't have money for this, and was in fact a bit perturbed—I don't pay the bills, I just give her all I earn, knowing my earnings are of meager means, but not knowing exactly how meager. So, let me make this clear, I am not a rich man by any means, but I really felt I could help, and I wanted to help.

I had already tried hard to get Lüszi to quit smoking and separate her from her boyfriend because he had popped her cherry shortly after Megasztár and had been drinking and smoking with her for some time before I met her. In fact, when I first made contact, I saw her interests were "alkohol", "alkohol", "alkohol" and "semmi köze hozzá (none of your business)"—the place where I learned of this term. Her profile picture was with big dark glasses and a leather jacket. Her uploaded pictures were mostly of partying, her boyfriend's eyes were bloodshot, and she liked FIDESZ (My maturity level was far worse at that age, so I'm not professing to be an angel either; then again, coming from "the land of opportunity" I am a teacher in Hungary, which should speak volumes as to the results of my early years). When I first introduced myself, I told her that I bought her CD and I liked it very much. Her very, very first remark was, "Don't copy it or you'll be in big trouble", and that threw me for a loop. Her Facebook profile, and the person I was about to get to know were far, far different than the person I saw on the cover of my CD, or the person I saw on Megaszar—it was a bit frightening, but I persevered.

This was the second time I would see her, the first being here in my office. We had great conversations, and got along well. We sat down and took a walk, smoked a few cigarettes, but I also pressured her to quit, I made her set a deadline, and she gave me one. I agreed to accept her boyfriend since they had already been together for more than a year. I promised to teach her English, and she was very eager to do that, but I understand now that she doesn't often even attempt to commit to her promises in reality unless it fits into her narrow world.

Well, when it was time for my wife and I to leave, her mother asked me if I had talked to Lüszi, as she asked. I said, "Yes", and she said, "Thank you". I then said that Lüszi was just a teenager, and suddenly Edit became hysterical and threatened to leave Lüszi and János in the house alone, and she was going to rent a hotel, stating that everyone sides with her daughter—this was just minutes after my wife took pictures of our wonderful dinner, and just minutes before we were scheduled to leave town. I encouraged her to stop threatening Lüszi, but the argument got so heated that Lüszi and I went outside and smoked her last cigarette (I'm not a regular smoker, so I just bum them).

It was time for my wife and I to go. Lüszi walked us back to the hotel, nervous to go back home after we left; unfortunately, I didn't have more time to console them. We never said a proper farewell to Edit and left Kaposvár feeling nervous. On the way home, my wife said that she never wants to go back there again to the hysteria. I have text messaged Edit on occasion, but haven't heard an encouraging word from her since, only that Lüszi and I humiliated her, so I should forget about them.

On that day, I was partial to Lüszi, believing her to be more upstanding than she really has shown over the years. Sometimes I have embarrassed her, I know, but I wanted to help her with her image and responsibilities.

There was another old man I met through this. His name was Ímre, and he wrote a very warm letter to encourage Lüszi, which I posted at the bottom of this document. He joined Facebook solely for the purpose of supporting Lüszi, and one of less than a handful in Hungary who has actually purchased the CD. We became friends and talked on Skype a few times, but he and Lüszi got into a heated argument and he vanished—I'm confident that Lüszi bashed him, like she had done with me; he is a good guy. Ímre and I were both making what were at first tactful suggestions over the course of months about her need to change her party pictures, many with cigarettes in her hands. We were pleading with her to stop certain raw patterns in her behavior, so much so that I asked her if she were a Gypsy, which she emphatically responded with a "NO!" Her smoking, her unpolished communication skills, her painfully wrong friendships were among just a few concerns Ímre and I had with this person we once thought was so well-mannered, sharp, bright, and beautiful.

Lüszi was proud to be a rebel who was hell bent on showing people how wonderful she looked, and how wonderful it was to be partying with cigarettes and boos, to show the world that she is the one who could break the laws of physiology, that cigarettes and singing were somehow compatible for only her, that it could not impede her most beautiful voice, which at that time she insisted she wanted to keep. Deep down inside, however, she knew she was seeding the destruction of her singing prospects, along with several others. Lüszi was asking to be kicked—and kicked she got.

Another thing we both pressed her on was to get her to elaborate on her CD: what her opinion was about it, what had transpired through the course of its production, that sort of thing. We were simply befuddled over her detachment to her debut CD, though she repeatedly stated she wanted to continue pursuing a singing and acting career. Most of us would be thrilled to death to have gotten started with such a beautiful production, but not this girl.  Lüszi didn't budge one iota in our nearly one-way discussions, so we began using stronger words, but it didn't take her long to strain her two biggest fans—not fanatics, but concerned friends, supporters, and fans. I stayed by her side, and he hit the road.

I've done the research for this document, and have supported her, stood up for her when others criticized her, and fought with her when most of her friends click "like" on pictures and behaviors such as the one below, and I never asked for anything in return, except that she quit smoking. I once had a student who was an opera singer and she always came with a wrapping around her throat, just as any musician would carefully wrap any valuable and delicate instrument; Lüszi is a mixed bag, however, and struggles internally, but I understand it, as I have been there too; she does things that aren't very good for the habits of exceptional singers, and in fact plays to the tunes of those who want a tragedy to occur—plays to the tune of those in this script. Some have said that this document will hurt her, but I beg to differ on that. Can I cause her more harm than the tv. and radio, the Király family, and she herself have already done? Should I then bow down and join the sheepel (sheep + people = sheepel), and ignore the scam that is as huge as Hungary itself?

Recently, (the first week of October 2013) Lüszi posted the following picture. I had thought she quit smoking—at least a year or maybe even two ago. We argued about her excessive lust for smoking and alcohol for more than a year, from 2009 to 2010, or maybe into 2011, and some months later she said she quit—not exactly her first lie about such things. There is no excuse for her belligerence with me because she knows that I too have had similar addictions. She knows that I am understanding, but was simply hoping she would re-focus because there is just so much potential in her. Her demons continue to hound her, however, lurking behind every one of her smiles.

I have never been fooled by her indifference, but this day (2013.October 09) she calls me a fanatic, which I wouldn't really say I am--perhaps a little crazy. Maybe she called me that because that was the first time I directly showed her this document and told her to read it, and threatened her by "doing something she's not going to like" with this picture. Back home people often call me "Crazy Chris", even when they don't know each other, but for good reason, I suppose. I am not a fanatic, but I have persistence, and I am afraid Lüszi’s smile is sometimes real, but sometimes a mixed bag of tricks, as anyone close to her can attest.

Here is Lüszi, October 2013. The Hungarian bug, the pandemic, the attitude, and the narrow focus, the communication skills, the lack of sincerity have all been embedded into her blood, similarly to the zombies I mention herein, and similar to how I was at her age—stubborn and stupid. So, who really is crazy in all this? I have been hoping for a few years now that she would mature.

I also had others who showed me a better way, but I too didn’t care enough about myself, or understand how, and who the people were playing me for the victim and fool. Lüszi will pay the piper, and has already been paying. In some ways she has matured, I suppose, but overall, I wouldn't rank her brilliance and charm, her awareness and charisma very high—I wouldn't say that she's the brightest cookie in the jar, as based on her potentials, as based on my regular students who are learning communication and marketing from me. My success rate in helping others achieve their goals is remarkably high, and I had hoped that Lüszi would have confided in me, even a little.

Lüszi has not only not made an effort to sell her CD, but she has intentionally made it more difficult for others to sell it, and has thus waned her support from those who have produced it, and others, mainly me, from wanting to dish it out—I haven't been able to sell a one, so I wound up distributing them at a personal cost. It's not about the CD, or Lüszi's singing. It's not. It's about Lüszi maturing into a healthy young lady who doesn’t make unnecessary efforts to limit her own ambitions and potentials—but she has adamantly rejected such a prose. She says she must go to college, which can be good, but it isn't an end-all to where she might want to go, and it seems clear that she isn’t so above the fray that she can distance herself so far from others who were once willing to bend over backwards to support her, without significant repercussions. Lüszi has purposely made strides to produce negative karma for her future plans. All in all, she has done a 180 on some of those goals, says she doesn't want to talk about them with me, or others who can make a difference. Perhaps she has another plan for her life that I cannot see, but her demeanor doesn’t sit right with many in her circle of “support.”

Lüszi likes philosophizing. Although the philosophies often seem wise, healthy, and feminine, knowing everything I know, there seems to be a real disconnect from the realities of who Lüszi is, and it is because she counters her more lovable and talent-oriented self with bad habits and anti-establishment practices. For example, she had had a main photo of a horse rider with the middle finger in the air for quite some time; if I were someone’s parent, I wouldn’t want them to be making such gestures, or to be hanging out with such people who behave in such a way. The smoking picture down below—she had received more than 10 likes on it almost immediately upon posting it, and even her aunt joked that she was "Pocahontas"; well, it is again not someone I would want my children to be role modeling after.

It surely can be seen that there is a stark difference between this photo and the others posted in this blog. The bottom line is that her friends don't give a hoot, her family doesn't much care either, and I started arguing with her again. As for the past months, our relationship has been purely a one way street, but on this day, she reciprocates with an ultimatum.

Her father has problems with alcohol, her mother is a heavy smoker, and Lüszi seems to lie on compulsion, and has gotten into miscellaneous troubles with her bad habits and boyfriend shortly after Megasztár, at home and at school, and I don't know how long it lasted, but it was over a long, drawn out period. It could be that she is really just a teenager, but the "nem érdekel-ek" (I don't cares!) and "Hagyj békén-ek (Leave me alones!)" to me, for someone I thought was so competent and sharp on stage, is just about as counter to my narrative as I had hoped, and in fact I have never been talked to in that way in my life without clocking the guy in some form.

The Hungarian condition breaks my heart, and Lüszi has become less than favorable in the public’s eyes, as well as mine. Lüszi has become about as abrasive as any Hungarian I have come across. Yes, specifically I’m using "Hungarian" here because, quite frankly, the degree of the abrasiveness I've felt in this country far surpasses anything I've experienced in my homeland.

I suppose that posting this blog on her smoking picture that she uploaded to Facebook wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done, but I was so angry and hurt that, after all we had gone through, she would care so little about herself, me and Jean-lin, her duet partner, Renaud and Betty, and other adults. We went round and round about this for a long time. So, all below this point remains as it is stated, but here up front, I'd like my readers to know that Lüszi remains an unfortunate puzzle, and I am quite aware of most of it. It may be that she'll have a great self-centered life, but that, in and of itself is a tragic spawning of Hungarian culture.

Nevertheless, I'll still support her in my prayers, and wish her well. I will still print out my posters and give away the remaining 14 CDs (I'm in this story about 3 000 dollars and hundreds of hours now, and have moved about 35 CDs all by my lonesome), but I see no more point in pushing her and helping her understand how to better choose the games she wishes to play, to play her own healthy games, to better communicate with class, and to not smoke. Her destiny has always been in her hands, and although some have argued that my work may harm her future, I argue that her future in this business already looks flimsy; but, the corruption in this circle that she and I have found ourselves in has got to cease, and will stop with my work, and my audience' assistance.

Lüszi complained that I was using her to advertise myself. Well, I have her name on my posters and this blog, yes, but... . Is that good advertisement or bad? I'm not sure it's so good, but it is there, nevertheless; perhaps I do want people to remember my company name, and to find my blog; though, if they think negatively, they'll remember not to call. Or perhaps I want people to know who is making the effort to bring down this empire, but surely I do want people to know that one man can make a difference, despite the many arguments I've heard against my actions. I also want people to remember Lüszi, how she seemed to be on stage way back when, how she seems to be now, and how it's like to take the masks off it all.

Tóth Vera is one of those who says my work will only harm Lüszi, but I doubt it. She implies that I should keep the scandals--large affiliations of scandals under the carpet. Wow, a nation of wimps. It shouldn't harm Lüszi more than the TV and radio affiliations, and more than Lüszi has hurt herself, but then again, she may not want to be a part of such circles anymore. It seems to me that Lüszi’s smoking and nonchalance has hindered many competencies: singing, piano, English, French, onstage performances, business presentations and marketing, management, team building, team playing, lifetime connections, and more—a basic understanding of economics isn't her forte. Can she reinvigorate these potentials? That’s hard to say, but it is easy to say that the abuse and corruption she has been experiencing over the years by these groups have sent shock waves through her life, and has certainly taken its toll on her and her family.

In so saying, Lüszi has purposely sabotaged her own career and support, and has spiraled downward just as others have been hoping, like a bird that’s had its wings clipped in midflight. Lüszi’s exceptional competencies and momentum, wisdom, fortitude, talent, and voice, as well as her support base, have all been dwindling to the dustbin of history by nothing harmful I’ve done.

Lüszi knows that she isn’t fooling anyone, and that she cannot avoid the basic physiological damages that smoking and drinking do, especially against a singer’s throat, lungs, flexibility in the arteries and veins, balance, energy, looks, etc.—well, I've already spammed her with such information, information that she probably can't read even if she wanted to because it's in English. No one will let her off the hook for it, and she knows she'll be the laughing stock of the country if she ever auditioned or performed with the raspy voice she has already shown to have—is it permanent or not? Everyone knows that smoking takes no special talents, but is, in fact, packaged with a fool’s morbid desire to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, according to BLIKK’s research, Lüszi has already ditched a performance where 350 people attended to hear her sing. Only time will tell if her abuse to herself is permanent or not, but it is why she hides, and even more than that, it is why she’s dissed her support from well-mannered older folk who have significant, and additional resources, and like-minded talents that were once at her beck and call; and perhaps all of it is a result of a fear to succeed, unlike her carefree talent of days gone by.

The TV2 administration, the Király family, Caramel, Patai Anna, Eszenyi Enikő, Presser Gábor, Nguyen Thanh Hien, Bencsik Tamara, Mester Tamás, Friderikusz, news outlets, Fekete Dávid, technicians, radio, tabloid magazines, and TV in general have all been inculcating this narcism, like a ton of bricks coming down on a 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 year old’s head, and no one is held accountable, or feels responsible. It does seem to me that all of it has played a major role in Lüszi’s 6 years of mixed results in the choices she’s made and the friends she’s chosen. It’s hard to know how Lüszi really feels, but she does continue to post adorable pictures with horses and friends, and always with a precious smile.

Working in teams can be difficult: a team is only as strong as its weakest link, and unfortunately, in this group, Lüszi has become less than professional. Lüszi has yet to muster enough consistent competence, and has burned bridges unnecessarily. It's Ok if she doesn’t want to do any of it anymore, but to intentionally destroy the possibilities, and to hurt those who really do love her is another matter—she used to seem to have one of the most beautiful demeanors and voices in the country, and it seems to have been lost somewhere along the way. Renaud may have picked a loser by asking Lüszi to participate in her first debut CD, and Lüszi may also be a loser in so far as I feared, but this story in general may yet prove to be a winner if I can bring down the majority of these organizations involved in this unscrupulosity of corruption.

...for more on Hungary's self-imposed afflictions of abuse, someone should look into the "professional" Hungarian football league (Viktor Orbán, leading from Hungary’s stadiums)—just watched the 2013, October match between the Netherlands and Hungary—should we laugh or cry? Or the Hungarian state in parliamentary circles. Yikes..and the consequences for our actions? about that bus that drives into the Danube? Illegal and unsafe, but a deal brokered by the top bosses of the Danube waterways.

Links for the English and Hungarian versions of this blog are posted on the front page of my website, along with a significant discount for newcomers if they just name the 10 songs on Lüszi's CD. They don't have to purchase anything, just list the 10 songs on her debut CD—it's the equivalent of almost 2 McDonald's meals for a 5 minute effort. If this were my gig, and my CD, I would have been able to sell hundreds the first month. In more than 3 years, I've received not one taker.

In all of this, it is sure that I would never go to her concerts, if she ever did something like that, but it is also sure that I'll never go to another Hungarian performance in my life if any of the people mentioned in here are associated with it. In this research, I have collected and studied thousands of Facebook profiles of actors, actresses, singers, TV and radio personnel, as well as worked for a few in such industries. Would you like to know Gészti Péter's friends? Well, his security is one of the tightest, but he had a picture, a picture with several likes—it is sure that most of those likes are his closest friends. Keresztes Ildikó reported me to Facebook after I shared this blog with her (b*!%=), but then again, so did others—I had to prove who I was to get back into my account. I have studied the affiliations of TV and news and radio, and Hungarian famous people—and from my perspective, the majority stinks to high heavens.

I still hope that Lüszi opens her heart, and becomes someone who can truly be different, a role model to others. In contrast, 13 year old Rion Page is one of the latest American X-Factor sensations, a real inspiration to see her warm and exciting demeanor, despite being almost blind in one eye, and having a debilitating condition in her arms. But even more than that, I take my hat off to a jury and audience who support goodwill and comfort.

As many say, "This isn't America (of old)", and by golly, I have stepped on a hornet's nest here in these infested waters. I've never seen such a profuse exertion of unused friendly mannerisms as I have in Hungary. As it stands this day, in this document, my intention is mainly to show the cancer, the progressive cancer that is the death of a people we call Hungarians. Riding the public transit, one can clearly see that something is being lost in the Hungarian soul. I despise Hungarian TV, radio, and its influential culture that exacerbates and harnesses the negativity for its own personal misuse. Certainly, I do have good friends in Budapest and villages, and a good reason to appreciate things in this country, and students I love, but from an outsider's perspective, by George, we've gotta lotta cleanin' up to do.

"Just Ensuring My Public Career Goes Up In Smoke"
For all of you kids out there, I'm posting my last sms to Lüszi (2013.10.08.), which has been slightly modified for a PG audience: "Please read: When you find the right man, he probably won't be a smoker. When you have children, and get pregnant, you'll quit, but early smoking is also risky. Maybe you don't want to sing—Ok. Your face will wrinkle, your teeth will yellow. Your voice is already (bleep), according to your mom and others. Your studies are mediocre. No high school teacher to get angry at you because you stink. Almost everyone you party with will be gone within 5 years. Your best friends will be too old and too busy to care. Your indifference is pitiful. You'll be somewhere, but your bag of fun and dreams will be greatly diminished. Don't brush this off. Is your poetry just words, or does it mean something? ... . I'm your angel, and you're mine."

I have worked for several famous or renowned people in this country already, and I get paid the same. In other words, they don’t impress me extra, and I just do my work. So if you think you're so important to me, and that I am obsessed with you, don’t flatter yourself Lüszi! I really hate to burst your bubble, but once again, you're misguided. I took sympathy on you, and I wanted us to be of value to each other’s lives.

It was clear that you needed to learn some lessons, find some healthier friends, and additional support and guidance. I wanted to be someone who you could count on, but it’s certainly easier for me if you renege on our English / communications / assertiveness / psychology lessons agreements, and such, and free up my time. I never pushed you into doing anything except taking down your cigarette and party pictures—being only 15, and all, and more recently the new cigarette post—and stop smoking! I offered my services to you free of charge, so let's see how much money that could have come up to: 3 years, 52 weeks in a year, 156 hours plus homework at 90 minute free lessons, a nominal fee of 4 600 forints – total = 717 600 Huf value absolutely free. And what did I ask in return? Nothing, except that you be a relatively good girl, don’t smoke, and work astutely.  It's not so much that you didn't take the offer, but the lack of gratitude for it. Who else gave you such a gesture?

After one of Lüszi's friends, I believe a new one, posted an old Megasztár video on her page, I told him I'd like to send him a free CD (a more than 10 Euro expense plus postage fees). I did send it, but Lüszi also posted there, in public, in a very rude way—I don't have it because I've since blocked her, but the last words of her threat were ...police. Üdv.

Well, I was hoping, and I endured ... crazy, yes ... fanatic ... No. So to comment on your remarks Vera, my problem isn't that I don't know very much, but that I know too much. My research collected within this document could also be (have also been) used in a legal brief against TV2, the Király family and other media outlets, but Lüszi's family has ignored my suggestion.

And since you feel so proud of your bad habit, Lüszi, ensuring the demise of any chance for you to sing again, that you feel the need to share it with your thousands of Facebook friends, I’m going to help you share it throughout the Internet by posting this blog everywhere I can, regardless of your unwarranted threats. The last thing I need is for some self-deluded, apathetic, unapologetic, unappreciative snot-nosed, used-to-wannabe playing me for the sucker; nevertheless, my offers stand if you change your ways, and I still love you! May God have mercy on us all! —To Lüszi With Love — Best Friends!

So to respond to your statement Lüszi, that this document is in your name, actually, it is not. It refers to you in a certain light because I saw your vulnerabilities being manipulated, I saw you as special, and I saw me in you when I was your age. It does, however, reveal a detrimental effect on Hungary's "talent" shows' players—winners and losers, predators and prey, and how a big part of Hungary's degenerative process works. Like you, I never understood how the games were played, or in fact, that I was even in one. Unlike you, however, I never had someone persistently encourage me to see things with a broader perspective, nor someone outside my circle who told me I should shape up.

With dreams faded, I have learned to accept a reduction in my life to teaching students absorbed in this Balkan lifestyle, a movie here, a horse riding lesson there, but this wasn't my first choice. I had hoped that I could not only unravel the games for you, but to encourage you to move above them. You've moved beyond them in your own way, but not above them. The best of luck to you, but this fight continues, as it has for years now without you; your story will still be told as I see it, and these "contests” will be made bankrupt with my efforts – that I promise; and unlike you, I make an effort to abide by my vow. "What is a man without his word?”

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's move on, shall we? Some of the text to promote Lüszi may be a bit irrelevant at this point, but the story is unique in that it not only shows Lüszi's transformation, but also mine. It not only leads us into a very dark underworld embedded deep within the Hungarian culture of deception, but also provides a detailed insight into Hungary's recent past, starting before World War I, that may shed light on how we as a people got here in the first place.

Lüszi can turn our relationship around at anytime, after she wakes up, if it's soon enough, but I'm not holding my breath. This text is not about that, however, but about something much larger than that. My research, documentation, and assertions imply profoundly that I continue to hope for my young friend, of course, but also that this innate culture of disillusionment doesn't need to be preserved, unlike many Hungarians who have an unshakable will to “preserve tradition”, but exterminated. Additional reasons for my work here are to improve my own logic and writing dissertational skills, to mirror, and learn from the translation into Hungarian for myself and my students, while at the same time enlightening anyone who wishes logic and good character to prevail within the confines of their minds and country.

Kicsapott, bukott diák lett Tóth Lüszi - Blikk - 2013. 12. 02.

Lüszi Reacts after I Show Her the Latest BLIKK Article and ask her . . . 

An sms I wrote to Eszenyi Enikő on 2013.12.15.

Dear Enikő,

I hope this message finds you in good health. At this time, I’d like to ask you to read my blog again because there were many translation errors that have since been fixed. It can be found on my front page at:, or google: (RTL Klub +) A TV2 és a Király család átverés – Tóth Lüszi emlékére. I can deduce from my research that the jury knew about the corruption and abuse before the final decision; therefore, I hold everyone of you responsible, and I expect you all to repair the damage done to her no matter the cost. Lüszi has problems. My new campaign starts again next week. No matter how insignificant it may seem, the fight is far from over. Búék – Chris (friends)

Eszenyi Enikő’s threatening ultimatum SMS to me (2015.July.03):

My hand delivered response to Story Online (Wednesday, 2014.02.18.) and to BLIKK on Thursday, 2014.02.19, in response to the respective articles, and just in time before the 2014 Dal finale that will send a Hungarian team to Eurovison in Copenhagen.

Speculation, but not pure speculation!
2014 Dal – Hungary’s Eurovision Finale ends with Suspicion and Controversy—1. ByeAlex said that the jury was "illogical” in not selecting New Level Empire for the very final four, one of which will represent Hungary. Let me paraphrase:  Something about the jury’s judgement smelled fishy and suspect; the selection was poor, unless ... . - HAS EUROVISION CAUGHT THE CORRUPTION BUG TOO?

2. Király Tamás’ Facebook post about Ruzsa Magdi after Viktor’s 2014Dal defeat: Tetszik a "mű"vésznő, habár én inkább egy orrhangú kóris-tának hívnám. Ha lehetősége lenne újraszületni, még akkor is vérátömlesztésre lenne szüksége, hogy megközelítse Lindát. Opportunista seggnyaló!  Isn’t it enough that both András Kállay-Saunders and his wife Renata Tolvai were both spawned from the TV2 and the Király crime families? Isn’t it therefore probably that András will become a lucrative cash cow for both Puppet Master families? – CAN THE TV2 AND KIRÁLY CRIME FAMILIES BE PITTED AGAINST EACH OTHER?

"Linda Reinterprets the National Anthem"

3. From 3:30 to 6:30 pm. on Saturday the 22nd I stood outside in the cold in front of 2014 Dal’s host’s headquarters, MTVA’s Studio 1-2 with 6 105cm X 80cm posters in hand in protest of the finale because Viktor was there, and I believe Hungary’s Eurovision has been corrupted, until I was so rudely and abruptly challenged by a female Director who literally attacked my posters, pulling them off the post and out of my hands, telling me that she was going to take them inside, call the police and sue me, and said that what I was doing was illegal, though she never explained what she meant. Luckily I’m a strong guy, and attacking me in such a way is both rarely wise nor successful.  (Hungister Zrt, Show and Game Kft, 1037 Kunigunda utja 64, Studio 1-2) –EUROVISION HOST’S ATTITUDE INDICATIVE OF COVERUP?  DAMN COMMUNISTS!

Would it be Ok if I held up a large sign to express my love for the Király Crime Family? But it’s not OK if I hold up my signs showing just how wrong it would be to let this imposter win, to reveal the organized crime syndicate’s fallacy they call a "search for talent contest” in front of a TV Station that purports to cover "Real News.” – MTVA as a "NEWS” ORGANIZATION AND SPONSOR OF "TALENT” IS AN OXYMORON—I SMELL A COVERUP! DAMN COMMUNISTS, I TELL YOU, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!

'The Voice' Top 12 revealed: Powerhouses Regina Love, Viktor Kiraly eliminated in shocking twist - Király Viktor’s Ouster from the Voice USA 2015

"For Chris, the Fight Continues”

-------------Break Over-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

This document sets the record straight. I hope it will raise my young friend up and back into the spotlight where she belongs. This is a story of triumph, of trials and tribulations, and of triumph once again. This is Lüszi’s story as I see it.

On a side note, Király Viktor’s father, Király Tamás, called little ol’ me to threaten me with a lawsuit (between 5 and 6 o’clock, 2012.02.12, (February) 06 30 415 2129), blaming me for his family's Eurovision loss—he was so spiteful and angry that he didn’t make an effort to even hide his phone number before calling—dimwit!  By the time I went to check my posting, just minutes after he hung up—he called me three times to yell, scream, and shout, use profanity and call me names, it had already been deleted, which tells me that he had also threatened the Eurovision administrators in charge of the website, even though my posts are only filled with facts, and my opinion based on those facts. Anyway, Tamás is quite a character—someone who should take part in Molieré’s play, the “Misanthrope”.  I told his son that his father reminds me of an adult who was never disciplined as a child. I had also blogged elsewhere and my accounts were disabled. It is no wonder why Hungary is becoming more and more desolate when we allow the cynicism to fester, by feeding such an elite class, which we in turn allow to feed our lives with mind-boggling insanity.

On a side note, Lüszi has never in any way supported my work or reports—I, and I alone am responsible for them. My action has been triggered by the exceptionally abrasive treatment of her talents by so-called "adults” and "colleagues”—and this is what I have told everyone. So if there is any kind of anger or rage about what I’ve done or said, Lüszi has had nothing to do with it—and the Király family knows this very well.

What is herein is a compilation of facts, and you can be a judge for yourself; but I do express my conclusive, non-bias, opinion based on the facts that I’ve found thus far. Knowing what I know of Tamás and his “darling” family, and the conditions I set forth herein, the evidence for me is clear enough. I hope that I can find more people to stand with me so that together we can set things in the right motion, and become a stronger union.

This is Lüszi’s story as I see it, and have experienced it, based on a significant time of dedication to this theme. This show of mine will go on until Lüszi is in a position to fulfill her dreams in the manner that she chooses, and others mentioned herein work to repair problems they’ve caused her and her family.

Lüszi is a beautiful young lady with so much heart and soul who is just a doll to watch. Please support her by contacting Megasztár, checking out her music by going to (MP3 and CD formats), or by joining our “Tóth Lüszi’s Dream to Sing Fan Club” on Facebook.  From my perspective, I don’t get anything from my efforts except the satisfaction of knowing I didn’t let others play the same games—with the same successes, as had been played on me at the same age. I’m scared for my own safety, but I’m more scared for Lüszi, and even more scared of such a large organization that is evil to the core, capable of influencing such a large swathe of Hungarian culture. If there is only one out of 10,000 of you who will march with me in this fight for Lüszi, I will find you, then another, and another. This organization needs to be made defunct. This is not a David and Golliath story, but a Will Smith’s “Independence Day” one.

Let’s start here:
Version 2
Why did I create the "Tóth Lüszi's Dream to Sing Fan Club” on Facebook? 
To start with, let me introduce Lüszi to those of you who have yet to meet her! Tóth Lucienne Edit "Lüszi" (In Hungarian, the first name comes last) was born September 3rd 1995 in Kaposvár, Hungary. It is said that Lüszi could sing before she could speak. Her mother is a pianist, and her father played the English horn in an orchestra in Lüszi's very same hometown of birth.

At the young age of 13, Lüszi walked out onto the largest, most popular Music show’s stage in Hungary - “Megasztár”, where literally millions of eyes would be watching her every move, and judging her every second of the way. Winding up in 4th at the closing of 2008 in Hungary’s singing talent show, she became a prominent “Megasztár” singer, but not without becoming a vitriolic target by some in the show’s staff, by the media, and by others who would rather be in the spotlight – evolving into a relationship much like that between Cinderella and her step sisters, Lüszi has become both the darling for singing talent and great looks, and a vilified young lady – for what seems to be a strong envious appetite.

In my opinion, Lüszi should have come in first place at the contest. Let’s run down some facts to assess my logic. Rumors circled around the country and beyond for several months before the finale that Király Viktór’s wealthy father was offering bribes. The jury denied such accusations, but wait! It wasn’t the jury that needed to be paid off because they don’t have the real power; the persons who needed to be bribed were the system administrators guarding the servers that run the voting systems. It is my inclination to believe that this is what had in fact happened based on events surrounding the final rounds.

An updated news flash: Through a student, who also happens to be an attorney, in November 2011 explained that there had been a legal hearing on this matter, and that there was a judgment against the Megasztár enterprise; Megasztár had indeed been found to be in contempt of a fair, moral and ethical game! My strong assumptions, which I had researched from 2008 to 2011, had finally come to light, – by accident. Interestingly however, is that I never saw any of this mentioned in the news media, nor were Király Viktor and his father, who are always so smug on TV., reprimanded, scolded or punished in any manner; in fact, nor were any of the Megasztár administrators, or details of their wrong doings, or any perpetrator, mentioned in the article. Neither, the amount of monies paid back, nor any indications that there was a significant fine reported. The only thing that happened was that some voters received their piddlings back from their phone bills. In the meantime, contestant lives had changed with mixed results, Viktor is still the winner and still winning by doing shows, advertisements, and concerts, - so the saying that says “crime doesn’t pay” is not relevant to him, his family, Megasztár, etc., - and the judges are still the judges. And Megasztár hasn’t changed one iota, except they may possibly want to change their cheating tactics if they ever get another opportune moment. The article I found also doesn’t mention that there was an investigation on previous episodes of the show that may also have been tainted.

Highly suspicious indeed! Although it is my suspicion that other similar shows have the potential to be scams, and there is some evidence to this anomaly, none are as blatant or less enjoyable for me to stomach. The Hungarian public is numb to such concerns as I am, and express their outrage at me instead, for publically bringing up and addressing the issue. Meanwhile (and since this article focuses on the Lüszi phenomenon, I’ll stay on subject), Lüszi (and possibly others) lay victim in ways she could not ever have comprehended or imagined at that age, and may not even understand the scum that she may slip into going forward. Shame on Megasztár! Shame on the so-called “media”! Shame on the audiences that are so precariously supporting such communal indecencies!

Hopping to the Voters, Megasztár 4 gives them their money back:

Visszakapják pénzüket a Megasztár 4 hopponmaradt szavazói:

For example, toward the end of the finale there was a 10 point spread between the runner up Fekete Dávid and Király Viktor; when the masks came off the previously shown impressions of silhouettes, David came out swinging with a whopping 10 point lead, even though most people had expected Viktor’s face on top, whether he was liked or whether someone expected the rumors to be true. Nevertheless, the pendulum had swung completely 180 degrees within 5 or 7 minutes in Viktor’s favor after that point, leaving Dávid seemingly stunned but not surprised, leaving the judges with nothing to say, and leaving the audience to go quietly in the night. This meant that the percentages moved 20 points in a matter of minutes, which could not have been viable unless we believe that only a small handful of people were voting. Viktor’s body language was also quite telling as the gap soon thereafter began to rapidly close in David’s direction for the second time, after the switch. There’s more, but let’s move on, shall we?

If bribes were had, Király Viktór would have been disqualified, leaving only Fekete David, and an almost seemingly forgotten Lakatos Krisztian to stand in her way. I don’t even remember Krisztian so much; although I know he was a likable guy, there wasn’t such an exceptional talent and marketing strategy that I believe could have prevailed with him, and I felt he was kept, and Lüszi ousted solely based on the “she’s-too-young-to-win” factor, also known in Martian language as “a child shouldn’t be too close to win such a contest” – “children for children contests”, “adults for adult contests” is a prevalent attitude in this neck of the woods. It is also known as Martian language for “We’re too envious” – so removing him would have left Dávid and Lüszi standing side-by-side, and friendships aside, they would have duked it out.

Two choices: a young 13 year old still in her adolescence and no matter how much you liked her, her voice could not have been fully developed by the natural growth of biological factors beyond her control, or 22 year old Fekete Dávid, who sang well, but no one could argue that his music and style was more for the musical theater scene, and not for the broader audience, like Lüszi’s was. So, no matter how much you liked Dávid, his appeal was more for a selected audience rather than Lüszi’s appeal to a much broader audience. Also, I haven’t done enough research in Dávid’s performance career, but Lüszi’s has been primed for success. She was my favorite then, and she is my favorite now. Do you see how easy it was for me to logically conclude that Lüszi would have won, if all were fair in love and singing?

Yeap, I do believe that through underhanded and backroom deals Viktór’s father did buy the win. I also believe that the Megasztár administration targeted Lüszi so that she would intentionally lose focus and concentration. On November 18, 2008 (uploaded on our club page), Lüszi’s mother explained the biases best in an interview with Joshi Bharat on the Joshi Bharat Show. During the show, contestants stayed in a house, and although every star had private bedrooms, and the girls each had their own bedrooms, Lüszi and her mother were forced to sleep in the living room, leaving them with no privacy and a lack of sleep. In another provocation, when the tabloid news came in to interview all of the stars and posed a question asking them one by one who in the group they liked, they all said somebody, but no one said Lüszi. When Lüszi was asked, Lüszi said that she liked “everybody”, but the tabloid ran an article saying that “nobody likes Lüszi”. TV-2 never corrected this misnomer.

All of the judges were particularly hard on Lüszi, and even though Fenyő Miklós was the softest, he also punched her as hard as a man once or twice. The harshest critic, however, was Friderikusz. He even had the audacity to ruthlessly ask her, “Are you going to be the Hungarian Brittney (Spears)? And t.v. paralleled the comparison afterwards. (Tóth Lüszi is the best!) Lüszi, with all of her charm, glistened and has become one of the sweetest, prettiest, well-rounded young ladies I’ve ever met! Keep smiling Lüszi!

Thus, it is beyond a doubt that throughout the Megasztár seasons, and other such “telephone-in-your-vote” shows seem to show as much contempt for an honest hand, the winners are surely often pre-decided, regardless of voter turnout. We Hungarians are raising our youngest generations to learn the arts of deception, rather than the art and skill of playing games fairly.

People lambasted Lüszi’s mom for staying with her young daughter instead of leaving her alone in a house filled with adults, and adult males. People lambasted the love between a young teenager and a mother, and 3 years later, my very own students (not just one) ridicules them both, as though the media’s tentacles were running through their heads even to this day. Even recently, the media’s vitriol continued in many papers regarding Lüszi’s first video “I Feel Happy” – without rhyme or reason; Renaud, Lüszi’s French producer put it this way: “Where’s your video”?

I asked my student point blank, “You hate Lüszi?” And she said, “Yea”. I then asked her if she knows her, and she said “no”. I asked her when did she see her? She said during Megasztár 2008 (It’s 2011). I asked her, you hate a 13 year old kid who you’ve never met and who you haven’t seen for three years? Again she said, “Yea, a lot of people do”. (My student is older than me – I’m 54). She explained that everyone thought her mother was a b… I said, everyone thought that because her daughter loves her mother and her mother doesn’t want Lüszi staying in a house alone at that age with a bunch of guys and adults? She said, “Yea”. Needless to say, in the end, I got her to say that she doesn’t know Lüszi and I tried to convince her that it would be more appropriate to say, regardless of her taste in music, “I don’t know her”. Needless to say, that English lesson wasn’t the most successful, but because I am an excellent communications instructor, I must also teach logical reasoning, which seemed to have been lacking in both the Megasztár administration and in my student.

Ezen állítások ellenére, az összes ,,Megasztár” –os közül, akiket eddig megalkottak, ha magyarul, angolul és franciául is tudnak énekelni, komoly nemzetközi lehetőségeik vannak, de csak Lüsziben van benne mindezen képesség.

There’s an old Hungarian story about a farmer whose cow dies. God comes down and says that he’d like to bring his cow back to life. The Hungarian farmer says he doesn’t want that, he’d rather like to see to it that his neighbor’s cow dies too.

The Politics of it all: Unfortunately, we as a nation are reaping the fruits of our labor, and our children are eating the tasteless fruits we’ve been producing (as a country as a whole). Let’s start with a little history, shall we?

Not to get off track, but I as a foreigner I think it’s important to go back into time just for a moment to try to understand this path that a nation, or at least an entire media organization would beguile the innocence of a 13 year old – and continue it past her 17 year old birthday - to somehow feel dirty or ashamed that she joined a competition ”at such a young age” , and to punish her for some reason that neither she, her family, nor I can quite understand. My conclusion is twofold: 1. that her talents and personality would take the spotlight away from others who are significantly less capable, and most recently, that they associate my research and exposure of the scandal with her, and they want to punish me for it, by punishing her (which, she knows little, if anything about my research and work—I don’t want to add stress to her life).

Lüszi recently wrote that no one needs to be afraid of her, and one of her friends wrote, „Why would anyone be afraid of you?” I then sent him this document, and he then understood why she would say that—and how „dúrva” the abuse has been.  Lüszi loves singing and performing, but is bewildered that at the heart of this Hungarian system would be so much evil – jealousy, perhaps? She had not made one friend within the Megasztár group because the herd instinct made her an outcast, and the pigs followed away. Even Fekete Dávid recently blogged about how much envy there was in this country, but then he has shown as much distance against Lüszi as anyone --against Lüszi who only wanted to sing, compete, entertain, be a friend to others with common interests, and who aspires to be a great talent, with great talents – to bring a smile to her listeners, like any other good-hearted competitor. In Lüszi’s world, everyone can succeed, and there is room for everyone to do so, but in the Megasztár world where corruption and tabloids sit at the forefront, Lüszi’s world takes a back seat—and unfortunately, she has seen this reality all too clearly.

Of course, many will say that Lüszi was too young at the age of 13, but no one has ever mentioned Patai Anna’s age of 11 when she leaped onto the stage. The reason is that the TV2 administration has groomed Anna- along with her family, to be a cute little sycophant. Lüszi’s misfortune was that she stepped into the most corrupt of them all, because after Király Viktor and his family stepped into the spotlight, any good „poodle (or zombie)” thereafter was given a bone from the Királys for sucking up (a nyalizók előrejutása) and keeping quiet, and sometimes this did pay huge dividends,  though the „new talent” was made into a „new person-a new drone”, refined to work „just for the money” at the expense of others, namely my friend, who had been nothing but innocent, well-behaved, like Cinderella who is but a shining star covered in soot – covered by her colleagues and a Mafia-style family who does not give a hoot about decency, but rather power and popularity.

However, the "just-for-the-money” reason doesn’t make much sense either, because if it truly were for the money, Lüszi would now be every bit as popular as Ruzsa Magdi, Muri Enikő, Antal Timea, Csobot Adél, and stinky butt "Caramel”. Suppressing Lüszi’s singing and performance talents have long been high on their agenda. This is truly a cold and calculated - and deadly game – AND IT ENDS NOW!

Do you know that the devil is not an ugly creature in dark clothes, but a beautiful one with a beautiful demeanor that will seduce your soul? Show me your friends, and I’ll show you who you are. And, I now know many things about the connections of these soulless zombies. It’s not good, my friends, it’s not good at all.

Please just bear with me as I go into some specifics before I explain how this all got caught up in this story; By giving details, I’ll avoid some simpleton logic that may assert that I’m not Hungarian enough to understand, or that my facts are wrong. I was deterred to not include this, but I’ve decided it needs to be said because I am just steaming over the standards befallen on this great Nation.

Written in the National Anthem and taken solace in misfortune, Hungarians struggle as a whole to feel whole, to perpetrate a “wisdom” that to me seems so narrow in scope, and is nothing wise, but rather morbid in its quest to entertain the „dumb” people. The media, the elitists, and those with an agenda are at the very foundation of this struggle against warm-hearted individuals who would just rather live free, and happily, rather than watch, and be a part of, “reality shows” that are nothing but real.

As Hungary’s history shows, we as a nation make an excessive number of mistakes, with the demise of freedoms and sovereignty, and capital, we are inevitably passing these long strings of negative traits onto future generations. How did we get here?

Ok, on to the History lesson: 

On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead in Sarajevo, by Gavrilo Princip, one of a group of six Bosnian Serb assassins coordinated by Danilo Ilić. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was an advocate of increased federalism  and widely believed to favor triadism, under which Austria-Hungary would be reorganized by combining the Slavic lands within the Austro-Hungarian empire into a third crown. A Slavic kingdom could have been a bulwark against Serb irredentism and Franz Ferdinand was therefore perceived as a threat by those same irredentists.

At the top of these Serbian military conspirators was Chief of Serbian Military Intelligence Dragutin Dimitrijević, his right hand man Major Vojislav Tankosić, and Masterspy Rade Malobabić. Major Tankosić armed (with bombs and pistols) and trained assassins, were given access to the same clandestine tunnel of safe-houses and agents that Rade Malobabić used for the infiltration of weapons and operatives into Austria-Hungary.


The Congress of Berlin (13 June – 13 July 1878) was a meeting of the leading statesmen of Europe's Great Powers and the Ottoman Empire (an Islamic empire). In the wake of the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878) that ended with a decisive victory for Russia and her Orthodox Christian allies (subjects of the Ottoman Empire before the war) in the Balkan peninsula, the urgent need was to stabilize and reorganize the Balkans, and set up new nations. German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who led the Congress, undertook to adjust boundaries to minimize the risks of major war, while recognizing the reduced power of the Ottomans, and balance the distinct interests of the great powers.

As a result, Ottoman holdings in Europe declined sharply; Bulgaria was established as an independent principality inside the Ottoman Empire, but was not allowed to keep all its previous territory. Bulgaria lost Eastern Rumelia, which was restored to the Turks under a special administration; and Macedonia, which was returned outright to the Turks, who promised reform. Romania achieved full independence, but had to turn over part of Bessarabia to Russia. Serbia and Montenegro finally gained complete independence, but with smaller territories.

In 1878, Austria-Hungary unilaterally occupied the Ottoman provinces of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Novi Pazar, but the Ottoman government contested this move and maintained its troops in both provinces. The stalemate lasted for 30 years (Austrian and Ottoman forces coexisted in Bosnia and Novi Pazar for three decades) until 1908, when the Austrians took advantage of the political turmoil in the Ottoman Empire that stemmed from the Young Turk Revolution and annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina, but pulled their troops out of Novi Pazar in order to reach a compromise and avoid a war with the Turks.

Under the 1878 Treaty of Berlin, Austria-Hungary received the mandate to occupy and administer the Ottoman Vilayet of Bosnia while the Ottoman Empire retained official sovereignty. Under this same treaty, the Great Powers (Austria-Hungary, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Ottoman Empire and Russia) gave official recognition to the Kingdom of Serbia as a fully sovereign state. Initially, Serbia’s monarchs were content to reign within the borders set by the treaty.

This changed in 1903 when Serbian military officers led by Dragutin Dimitrijević stormed the Serbian Royal Palace. After a fierce battle in the dark the attackers captured General Laza Petrović, head of the Palace Guard, and forced him to reveal the hiding place of King Alexander Obrenović and his wife Queen Draga. The King and Queen opened the door from their hiding place. The King was shot thirty times; the Queen eighteen. MacKenzie writes: "The royal corpses were then stripped and brutally sabred." The attackers threw the corpses of King Alexander and Queen Draga out of a palace window, ending any threat that loyalists would mount a counter attack." General Petrović was then killed too (Vojislav Tankosić organized the murders of Queen Draga's brothers; Dimitrijević and Tankosić in 1913–1914 figure prominently in the plot to assassinate Franz Ferdinand). The conspirators installed Peter I of the House of Karađorđević as the new king.

The new dynasty was more nationalistic, more friendly to Russia and less friendly to Austria-Hungary. Over the next decade, disputes between Serbia and its neighbors erupted as Serbia moved to build its power and gradually reclaim its 14th-century empire. These conflicts included a customs dispute with Austria-Hungary beginning in 1906 (commonly referred to as the "Pig War"), the Bosnian crisis of 1908–1909 where Serbia assumed an attitude of protest over Austria-Hungary's annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (ending in Serbian acquiescence without compensation in March 1909), and finally the two Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 where Serbia conquered Macedonia and Kosovo from the Ottoman Empire.

Serbia's military successes and Serbian outrage over the Austro-Hungarian annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina emboldened nationalistic elements in Serbia and Serbs in Austria-Hungary who chafed under Austro-Hungarian rule and whose nationalist sentiments were stirred by Serbian "cultural" organizations. In the five years prior to 1914, lone assassins – mostly Serbian citizens of Austria-Hungary – made a series of unsuccessful assassination attempts in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina against Austro-Hungarian officials. The assassins received sporadic support from Serbia.

Needless to say, the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne was the spark that triggered World War I.  The Austro-Hungarians opted to take the opportunity to stamp its authority upon the Serbians, crushing the nationalist movement there and cementing Austria-Hungary's influence in the Balkans.

In 1918, as a political result of German defeat on the Western front in World War I, the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy collapsed. The First Republic was proclaimed on 16 November 1918 with Károlyi being named as president. Károlyi tried to build Hungary as the " Eastern Switzerland " and persuade non-Hungarian minorities - Slovaks, Romanians, Ruthenians to stay loyal to the country, offering them autonomy; however, these efforts came too late. By a notion of Woodrow Wilson's pacifism, Károlyi ordered the full disarmament of the Hungarian army. Hungary remained without a national defense in the darkest hour of its history. Surrounding countries started to arm. On 5 November 1918 Serbian Army with French involvement attacked Southern parts of the country, on 8 November Czechoslovak Army attacked Northern part of Hungary, on 2 December Romanian Army started to attack the eastern (Transylvanian) parts of Hungary. The Károlyi government pronounced illegal all armed associations and proposals which wanted to defend the integrity of the country. The Károlyi government's measures failed to stem popular discontent, especially when the Entente powers began distributing slices of Hungary's traditional territory to Romania, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia, giving more priority to ethnic claims (Slovaks, Ruthenians, Romanians) than historical rights of the traditional Hungarian kingdom. French and Serbian forces occupied the southern parts of Hungary.

By February 1919 the government had lost all popular support, having failed on domestic and military fronts. On 21 March after the Entente military representative demanded more and more territorial concessions from Hungary (Vix´s note), Károlyi signed all concessions and resigned.

When the Romanians evacuated Budapest in November 1919, Regent Miklós Horthy entered at the head of the National Army. The Hungarian Communist Party was banned, and in 1920 Horthy was declared Regent and Head of State, a position he held until his deposition in October 1944. Horthy refused to step down when the legitimate King of Hungary, Karl IV, attempted to regain his throne on two occasions. He allowed Hungary's White Terror to persist at first but eventually shut it down and imprisoned a few extremists among the anti-communists.

The Kingdom of Hungary (Hungarian: Magyar Királyság) also known as the Regency, existed from 1920 to 1946 and was a de facto country under Horthy. Horthy officially represented the abdicated Hungarian monarchy of Charles IV, Apostolic King of Hungary. Attempts by Charles IV to return to the throne were prevented by threats of war from neighboring countries and by the lack of support from Horthy (see the conflict of Charles IV with Miklós Horthy).

The Kingdom of Hungary under Horthy was an Axis Power during most of World War II. In 1944, Hungary was occupied by Nazi Germany, and Horthy was deposed. The Arrow Cross Party's leader Ferenc Szálasi established a new Nazi-backed government, effectively turning Hungary into a German puppet state. During the late spring and summer, the Germans forced the roundup and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews to their extermination camps, where most died.

A conservative who was distinctly inclined toward the right of the political spectrum (my notes: What does “right” mean? I’ve been asking this for 10 years and have yet to hear an adequate answer. And by the way, Hitler WAS NOT ON THE RIGHT, but we can assume this is the common assumption in Europe, and is what can be inferred here.), he guided Hungary through the years between the two world wars, and into an alliance with Nazi Germany (... as previously stated ...), in exchange for the restoration of some of the Hungarian territories lost by the Treaty of Trianon. The chief motivation is often believed to have been fear of the Soviets, who in any outcome of Russian success could threaten Hungary.

In April 1941, Hungary entered World War II as an ally of Germany. But Horthy's faltering allegiance to his German patron eventually led the Nazis to invade and take control of the country with Operation Margarethe in March 1944. In October 1944, Horthy announced that Hungary would surrender and withdraw from the Axis. He was forced to resign, placed under arrest and taken to Bavaria; at war's end he came under the custody of U.S. troops. (After appearing as a witness at the Nuremberg war-crimes trials in 1948, Horthy settled and lived out his remaining years in Portugal. His memoirs, Ein Leben für Ungarn (A Life for Hungary), were published in German in 1953, and an English translation appeared three years later.)

So contrary to popular Hungarian belief, the 21 year-period between the two World Wars (1918-1939), was not great for Hungary, Two national traumas immediately following the First World War profoundly shaped the spirit and future of the Hungarian nation. The first was the loss, as dictated by the Entente powers, of large portions of Hungarian territory that had bordered other countries. These were lands which had been Hungary's as part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; they were carved away by the Allies and ceded to the nations of Czechoslovakia, Romania, Austria and Yugoslavia. The excisions, eventually ratified in the Treaty of Trianon  at Versailles, cost Hungary two-thirds of its territory and one-third of its native Hungarian speakers, and dealt the population a terrible psychological blow. The second trauma in some sense sprang from the first: in March 1919, after the first proto-democratic efforts at government in Hungary faltered, Communist Béla Kun seized power in the capital of Budapest.

World War II:
Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sought to enforce peacefully the claims of Hungarians on territories Hungary lost in 1920 with the signing of the Treaty of Trianon, and the two Vienna Awards returned parts of Czechoslovakia and Transylvania to Hungary.

On 20 November 1940 under pressure from Germany, Pál Teleki affiliated Hungary with the Tripartite Pact. In December 1940, he also signed an ephemeral "Treaty of Eternal Friendship" with Yugoslavia. A few months later, after a Yugoslavian coup threatened the success of the planned German invasion of the Soviet Union (Operation Barbarossa), Hitler asked the Hungarians to support his invasion of Yugoslavia. He promised to return some former Hungarian territories lost after World War I in exchange for cooperation. Unable to prevent Hungary's participation in the war alongside Germany, Teleki committed suicide. The right-wing radical László Bárdossy succeeded him as Prime Minister. Eventually, Hungary annexed small parts of present day Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

Side Note: What is “right wing”? In America it means something very different, and in Europe, it seems that few people know what this term means, which would surely disparage Hitler from such propaganda. The Nazis and the Communists had one in the same in ideology, except one exterminated people based on race, and the other on class, respectively. They often cooperated with each other.

The People's Republic of Hungary or Hungarian People's Republic (Hungarian: Magyar Népköztársaság) was the official state name of Hungary from 1949 to 1989 during its Communist period under the guidance of the Soviet Union.

Following the "liberation" of Hungary from Nazi Germany by the Red Army, Soviet military occupation ensued. After seizing most material assets from German hands, the Soviets tried and managed, to a certain extent, to control Hungarian political affairs. By coercion through force, when the Red Army set up police organs to persecute the opposition, assuming this would enable the Soviet Union to seize the upcoming elections, to intense communist propaganda in an attempt to legitimize their rule. The Hungarian Communist Party, despite all the efforts, was trounced, receiving only 17% of votes, by a coalition government under Prime Minister Zoltán Tildy, thus frustrating Soviet expectations of ruling through a democratically elected government.

The Soviet Union, however, intervened through force once again, resulting in a puppet government that disregarded Tildy, placed communists in important ministerial positions, and imposed several restrictive measures, like banning the victorious coalition government and forcing it to yield the Interior Ministry to a nominee of the Hungarian Communist Party.

Communist Interior Minister László Rajk established the ÁVH secret police, in an effort to suppress political opposition through intimidation, false accusations, imprisonment and torture. In early 1947, the Soviet Union pressed Hungarian leader Mátyás Rákosi, famous for his use of salami tactics, to take a "line of more pronounced class struggle."

The People's Republic of Hungary was formed thereafter. The same political dynamics continued through the years, with the Soviet Union pressing and maneuvering Hungarian politics through the Hungarian Communist Party, intervening whenever it needed to, through military coercion and covert operations. Hungarian communist László Rajk (who was later executed) called it "a dictatorship of the proletariat without the Soviet form" called a "people's democracy". Hungary stayed that way until the late 1980's, when turmoil broke out across the Eastern Bloc, culminating with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union's dissolution.

The saga continues from 1989 to present-day – Transition to Western-style democracy: Now victory and freedom were in our grasps and we saw it, we experienced it, we tasted it, and then we snuffed it out like a bad case of fleas; the light of freedom, well, simply put, we stamped it out with the flick of the switch, and freedom slipped from our clutches once again!

It is said that Hungary's transition to a Western-style democracy was one of the smoothest among the former Soviet bloc', yet in 2011, research showed that Hungary was the second most corrupt European country behind Russia; so, this Wikipedia story-line may want to be updated. By late 1988, activists within the party and bureaucracy and Budapest-based intellectuals were increasing pressure for change. Some of these became reformist social democrats, while others began movements which were to develop into parties. Young liberals formed FIDESZ, the Federation of Young Democrats, (Remember that earlier we read that the Soviets wanted to bring about communism through “democratically elected” means, which didn’t work – it is not necessarily through democracy that we shall obtain freedom, but through principle); a core from the so-called Democratic Opposition formed the Association of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), and the national opposition established the Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF). Nationalist movements, such as the Jobbik, reappeared after a rapid decline in nationalist sentiment following the establishment of the People's Republic. Civic activism intensified to a level not seen since the 1956 revolution.

In 1988, Kádár was replaced as General Secretary of the Communist Party, and reform communist leader Imre Pozsgay was admitted to the Politburo, which was the former central policy-making and governing body of the Communist party of the Soviet Union and, with minor variations, of other Communist parties. In 1989, the Parliament adopted a "democracy package", which included the following: trade union pluralism; freedom of association, assembly, and the press; a new electoral law; and in October 1989 a radical revision of the constitution, among others. A Central Committee plenum in February 1989 endorsed in principle the multi-party political system and the characterization of the October 1956 revolution as a "popular uprising", in the words of Pozsgay, whose reform movement had been gathering strength as Communist Party membership declined dramatically. Kádár's major political rivals then cooperated to move the country gradually to Western-style democracy.

The Soviet Union reduced its involvement in Hungary by signing an agreement in April 1989 to withdraw Soviet forces by June 1991. The U.S.S.R. has sought to keep its former satellite nations on the hook ever since, however, and did not deviate much from its original interests for control, such as that over the Baltic regions. In 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his nation that the collapse of the Soviet empire “was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century” and had fostered separatist movements inside Russia.

The Russian influence can be measured by our dependencies on their imposed geopolitical pressures, i.e., their oil, for one. Russia uses a "carrot and stick” ideology for many of its "old” satellite states: the Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Europe in general, but then the EU, the IMF, the World Bank, the United States, and others also do the same, nearly wiping such countries like Hungary into total submission. Like most of those bodies aforementioned, we too have elected the COMMUNIST-Russian leaning parties on more than one occasion. We too have sought support from COMMUNIST China and Sharia compliant countries such as Saudi Arabia ("Corvinus University was the first to offer the Saudis an opportunity to be generous”).

Does anybody understand the Quran, the Communist Manifesto?—hey guys, Wake UP! They haven’t changed their diatribes against you—it’s all for the collective, you know.

It is reported that in 2013 "Fidesz caucus leader Antal Rogán visited Moscow and met with Sergei Zheleznyak, deputy Speaker of the Russian parliament, to discuss ways in which the Hungarian government could accumulate foreign currency reserves in Russian rubles, because of the unstable position of the dollar, according to Népszava” (Fidesz caucus leader Rogán makes “secret” trip to Moscow—

FIDESZ’ reforms to the constitution have solidified the FIDESZ oligarchy, leaving it alone to manipulate the "common (not free) market” economy, the press, and anything else it deems worthy of its attention; logical reasoning has little say in current matters. I wish people could understand the dangers of leaving economic decisions to the crutches of political imbeciles.

In other words, Hungarians are stuck with a similar regime as before 1989, and the transition seems more cosmetic than substantial. It is true that we have more "properties" like cars and mobile phones, and some of us even have larger flats, and big screen tvs., at least for the time being. Using the words of comedian Lewis C. K. "Everything is amazing, and nobody is happy”; we have miraculous advances in technologies, fun parks, and nearly month-long vacations, and guaranteed hospital insurance dictated by the clutches of our socialism, but we still aren't happy.

We’re not happy because we’re not allowed to be happy. We have chosen to give up our happiness for a nanny-state that promises us everything--compassion through social programs; the government says to the people, "Let us help you.” Who can argue with that? "Let us help you get free healthcare, let us give you free housing, let us give you free food, let us give you free school. Let us help you. We just want to help you. All we want in exchange is all of your work, all of your energy, and all of your freedom.” (I've just pretty much plagiarizing Bill Whittle.) Politics continues to invade every part of our lives: happiness and dreams unfulfilled, and many to this day say that it was better under communism.

You see, you don’t actually own what you feel you own, and this government can find any reason whatsoever to deprive you of the "inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Probably everyone of my readers is violating the law in many ways. Once again, Hungary is a puppet nation suppressed by its own entanglements, and Hungarians continue to elect "Nanny States” that are expected to pamper their whims.

Nevertheless, This problem tends to invoke an "every-man-for-himself” attitude, with whatever means he/she can muster, elbowing others aside as you try to reach for the stars—even Patai Anna, and her family; conscience takes a back seat, and a self-centered cowardice kicks in, just as it was during the Soviet era. In other words, this nationality of yours has, as a whole, seldom proved to be so clever, but yet you still act like you are; by bashing others who are truly competent, but who are not on the ’in’ crowd, and by supporting those who are ’in’, no matter how obviously corrupt and diluted  they are in their thinking, you somehow feel better with your own self-esteem.

In October 1989, the Communist Party convened its last congress and re-established itself as the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP). In a historic session between October 16th and 20th, 1989, the Parliament adopted legislation providing for multi-party parliamentary elections and a direct presidential election. The legislation transformed Hungary from a People's Republic into the Republic of Hungary, and more recently, Hungary, guaranteed human and civil rights, but not economic rights according to free market principles, but on common market principles, meaning that if a compatriot doesn't follow the rules, he’ll be punished in a different way through the laws of selective taxation, and bribes. The creation of institutional structures that were suppose to ensure a separation of powers among the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of government has also been a facade – looks like new functioning bodies, guarded by the good 'ol boys.

On the day of the 1956 Revolution, October 23, the Hungarian Republic was officially declared by the provisional President of the Republic Mátyás Szűrös, replacing the Hungarian People's Republic. The revised constitution also championed the "values of bourgeois democracy and democratic socialism (once again, democratic socialism is a marketing term. A.K.A. Communism in disguise)" and gave equal status to public and private property–hence, the state of foreclosures and lack of personal wealth as a whole exemplifies this farce, and the overall continued dependency on government sponsorship to succeed. I have not had the time or inclination to check on the statuses of other Eastern-bloc nations, but if it is true that Hungary has made one of the smoothest transitions into a representative country, oh boy, is the world in for a licking.

A tények azokról, akik 1989-óta ellenőriznek minket:
Név         Hivatali idő                                 Politikai Párt         Kabinet
Miklós Németh      23 October 1989 - 23 May 1990         MSZMP                      Németh, MSZMP
(Hungary’s Socialist Party – A.K.A. Hungary’s Communist Party) The principles of socialism and communism are exactly the same. Read “Climategate” by Brian Sussman, or many, many other books to verify this fact. It’s not just my notion!

József Antall          23 May 1990 - 12 December 1993     MDF               Antall, MDF–FKGP–KDNP  1 (1990)
In March and April 1990, the MDF won the first free parliamentary elections after the end of Communism in Hungary with 24.7% of the votes and 164 of 386 seats. It formed a centre-right government coalition with the ideologically close Independent Smallholders Party (FKgP) and Christian Democratic People's Party (KDNP). József Antall became Prime Minister.[17]
The MDF was now divided in two major internal tendencies. The dominant one was Antall's government circle, characterised by pragmatic, liberal conservatism, constitutionalism and legalism. The Antall government carried important reforms through that completed Hungary's transition from communist rule, e.g. laws on local administration, the status of civil servants and redemption of the old regime's wrongs. Still, traditional and religious values and national ideas played a greater role in the MDF's rhetorics than in its conservative and Christian democratic counterparts in Western European countries.
The right-wing, radically populist and national faction within the party was characterised by vocal anti-communism as well as anti-liberalism. Its proponents called for a systematic "cleansing" of public positions from former communists, demanded the sacking of supposedly "un-national" responsibles at TV and radio stations, and also attacked the liberal SzDSz, which they viewed as "cosmopolitan", "liberal-bolshevik" and "Jewish" and therefore incompatible with the ordinary Hungarians' mindset. After 1992, the distance of the national radicals to the moderate governmental wing grew progressively, and in 1993 most of them led by István Csurka left the party to found far-right parties, most notably the Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIÉP).[18]
After Antall's death in December 1993, he was succeeded by his party colleague Péter Boross, who led the government until the parliamentary election of May 1994.
Alliance with Fidesz (1994–2006)[edit]
The 1994 poll brought a devastating defeat for the MDF which dropped to 12.0% of the votes and 38 seats, putting it on a distant third place behind the resurged Socialists and the liberal SzDSz. While in opposition, internal quarrels continued and intensified between conservatives, like Boross and Sándor Lezsák, and centrists around Iván Szabó. After Lezsák won the leadership vote in 1996, Szabó and most of the governmental figures of the Antall period left the party and founded the Hungarian Democratic People's Party (MDNP). In the 1998 parliamentary election, both parties performed very disappointingly (MDF: 2.8%; MDNP: 1,3%). However, the MDF had fielded joint candidates with Fidesz – that had turned from liberal to conservative after 1994 – in some constituencies and thus secured 17 seats in parliament. The party joined a Fidesz-led coalition government under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán which also included the Smallholders Party.[19]

Ibolya Dávid, party leader 1999–2010
The MDF was admitted to the European People's Party (EPP) as an observer in 1998, becoming an associate member in 2001 and a full member in 2004.[20] From 1999 to 2010, the party was led by Ibolya Dávid.
The MDF had 24 seats in the National Assembly between 2002 and 2006, due to an electoral alliance with Fidesz.
In the 2004 European Parliamentary Elections it gained 5.3% (164,025 votes) of the vote and one of its members, Péter Olajos, was elected as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), sitting with the EPP-ED Group.
The party received 5.04% (272,831 votes) of the votes in the 2006 parliamentary elections, thus securing its place in the next Parliament.
Decline (2006–2010)[edit]
MDF had essentially split, with the majority of its parliamentary representatives ousted from the party. Ibolya Dávid regularly accused Fidesz, the largest conservative force in Hungary of trying to annex her party. The two parties had a bitter quarrel following the first round of the 2006 parliamentary elections on the possible withdrawal of MDF candidates to support the Fidesz: the presidency of the party decided not to do this. However, a number of MDF candidates decided to withdraw at their own discretion.
In 2008, the presidential election turned into a scandal, where Ibolya Dávid said that people associated with UD Ltd. had attempted to interfere with internal affairs of her party, and released secretly recorded telephone conversations as evidence. Dávid and his supporters forced MDF politician Kornél Almássy to withdraw from running for party chairman at a party congress to re-elect officials.[21]
MDF was a member of the EPP, but on 22 June 2009 its newly elected MEP Lajos Bokros joined the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parliament instead of the EPP Group. This led to the party's suspension from the EPP. Instead, it joined the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (AECR), that was founded in October 2009. On 8 October 2009, Ibolya Dávid was a guest speaker at the annual conference of the British Conservative Party, to confirm a long term strategic alliance between the two parties in Europe.
Bokros' nomination indicated a change of political position from conservative to liberal ideology. As a result, several prominent members left the party, including Péter Olajos, Kálmán Katona and former Prime Minister Péter Boross.[22] With MP András Csáky's quit, the Hungarian Democratic Forum's parliamentary group defunct according to the house rules in March 2009.[23]
In 2010, Lajos Bokros became the party's candidate for the position of Prime Minister in the 2010 parliamentary election, and several other former left-wing politicians were placed on the national list, for instance writer József Debreczeni and Zoltán Somogyi, a political analysist of the Political Capital. Furthermore MDF entered into an electoral alliance with SzDSz, which suffered a crushing defeat during the 2009 European Parliament election. Its chairman Attila Retkes received a place on the national list and there were also joint candidates in some constituencies. After the decision, the quits became a mass phenomenon, whole local party organizations ceased to exist.[24] On the national election, MDF came to the fifth place and received only 2.67% of the votes, thus shut out of the legislature altogether for the first time since the transition to democracy, after twenty years. Ibolya Dávid immediately resigned from her position and retired from the politics.[25]
Upon the resignation of Dávid, her deputy Károly Herényi was elected interim president of the now extra-parliamentary party. In June 2010, Zsolt Makay became the new president. The newly elected leadership decided to transform the party and adopted a new name, Welfare and Freedom (JESZ) on 12 December 2010.[26] The party's congress approved the change of name in March 2011, as a result Democratic Community of Welfare and Freedom (JESZ) was formed officially on 8 April 2011.[27]
The leadership of the JESZ called Bokros several times to give back his MEP mandate, but all relationship has been lost between Bokros and his former party.
Péter Boross          12 December 1993 - 15 July 1994      MDF               Boross, MDF–EKGP–KDNP 1 (1990)
(Acting until 21 December)
(Promoted the Bokros Lajos package: It was a 12 point plan, to save the economy, which on the surface seemed doable from what I’ve heard, though I must admit I haven’t yet read it because it’s not easy to find.) However, Wikipedia reports that: Lajos Bokros is one of the leading economists in Hungary. He was minister of finance from March 1, 1995, to February 29, 1996, when he resigned. Apparently he had threatened to resign before; every time his advice was not taken his inclination was to step down. Just to give an idea of his mercurial temperament: in 1990 it took him only two months as a member of parliament to be fed up with politics. He resigned. He may have been on the money / spot on as an economist, but was weak on politics. What happened to his support base, and why couldn’t he rally more troops to back him is anyone’s guess. 

Gyula Horn           15 July 1994 - 8 July 1998                  MSZP             Horn,   MSZP–SZDSZ             2 (1994)
(MSZP is the successor of the communist Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (or MSZMP) and has strong ties to the old system of government.
The “Same shit, different party name”.

Viktor Orbán        8 July 1998 - 27 May 2002                                         Orbán I, Fidesz–FKGP–MDF 3 (1998)
(FIDESZ – translated means the Alliance of Young Democratics. They have one principle: control. No significant plan, and no principles, but Órban is a dictator in my opinion, and some call him “Little Napoleon”.   

Péter Medgyessy   27 May 2002 - 29 September 2004     Independent    Medgyessy, MSZP–SZDSZ      4 (2002)
(Resigned and fed-up after 2 long years. Some people like him a lot, but remember, MSZP = the old Soviet Communist Party!! 
The “Same shit, different party name”.

Ferenc Gyurcsány            29 September 2004 - 14 April 2009    MSZP             Gyurcsány I,MSZP

Loaded an administration that was involved with pillaging the country’s coffers (along with FIDESZ).
The “Same shit, different party name”.
Gyurcsány II, MSZP–SZDSZ  5 (2006)
Gordon Bajnai      14 April 2009 - 29 May 2010             Independent    Bajnai, MSZP                            5 (2006)
He has been my favorite to date, though his policies are wrong. Hand picked by MSZP’s Ferenc Gyurcsány, and they have long ties. Is more independent, however, and was more serious in solving real issues. As an independent, he moved independently and was making real changes, but the people fired him because he was hand picked by Gyurcsány, whose administration was involved in countless scandals. He had already explained that he wasn’t going to be running when the elections came up, and the successor would have been, none other than a MSZP member.
The “Same shit, different party name”.

Viktor Orbán        29 May 2010 - Incumbent                  Fidesz              Fidesz–KDNP                           6 (2010)
(To date, this guy has devalued the Hungarian currency, created despair and frustrations that his predecessors had never even done, has created higher unemployment, a higher exodus from Hungary, more entitlement programs, and much higher taxes, although it is said that the he has reduced the deficit. He ran on the opposite of what he is doing because “things look more serious”, even though he had been in parliament for the past decades and should have known. The scary part is that many feel that we do need higher taxes than what he’s proposing. It is my estimate that Hungarians are sending 75-85 percent of everything they earn to the central government. He’s big on changing road signs, and statues, but little on sound economic principles. After contemplating a label for Mr. Órban, one of my financial-expert students labeled him as a National Socialist, which is the same title given to no other than Adolf Hitler.  Hmm.

Ok, (leaving my country, the USA aside – I’m not arguing that right now :P), what does this have to do with Lüszi? Well, the abuse of a nation. The corruption and dysfunctional society preys on talents that are exceptional, and it has been this way throughout its history. The media and radio and the administrations that have been spawned out of this history are designed to make our residents stupid, dependent, and to humiliate, if it suits their purposes, the purposes of which are mostly to gain profits, favoritisms, and to dumb down our society so that controlling the populace becomes easier. It doesn’t matter what your age or purpose. Virtue has been voided out, and replaced with scandalous, despicable things.

So to emphasize, Lüszi has never approved my work or opinions, or facts; I’m just trying to understand what really transpired and why, and as events are still unfolding, this work won’t be over soon. I can say that upon reviewing the works and attitudes of many Hungarian musical artists, actors and actresses to date, and Lüszi’s attitude and competence, I still stand to say Lüszi is one of the finest in Hungary today – and, unlike the likes of the TV2 zombies and zombie masters, Lüszi is a young lady who is representative of an astute, upstanding role-model. She, as others, she should be encouraged to fulfill her dreams and explore her interests, not degraded to the dustbin of history.


The same good ol’ boy mentality that is washed in every part of our society would like to crush a young girl’s dreams to sing because she “should have recognized” the critical ventures of the likes of Friderikusz, Tv-2, Király Viktor’s family, and on and on? 

Looking at the larger picture, I saw the fire in Lüszi’s eyes and the concentration of a winner when she performed; natural, gracious, articulate and more clever than most teenagers her age when she decides to be. So in looking back at Megasztár 4, in my eyes, she was the best of the four, and in my eyes, she still is – and many of us aren’t going to see you take that away from her. By the way, Britney Spears is a favorite of hers – and mine too – at the time of writing these lines. when I write. Lüszi, much like me, does not distinguish color or race, doesn’t feed anger and negative feelings toward others, mostly.

Let me tell you about Lüszi. Lüszi has one of the warmest hearts you’ll ever find. She’s also quite pretty. There are many things about her I envy too, but those things I envy about her I’d more likely want to emulate rather than take them away from this darling young precious lady. Her talents are every bit as good as the biggest names super stars in Hungary or elsewhere. I encourage her to do all that she’d like to but she doesn’t have to “write and rehearse and perform a song within hours” if she doesn’t want to. She can do whatever it is she wants, when she wants, and however she wants.

Well, let’s look at it further. Rumor also has it, and articles confirm it that Lüszi’s career is in Király Viktor’s father’s hands. Could it be that Lüszi’s future swings in the balance of the very person who cheated her during the first game? Could it be that Lüszi must play second fiddle to Király Viktor, who literally “stole the show”? That’s not a very comfortable position to be in, but one that I can relate to all so well. (Hungary has recently been reported to be the most corrupt country in Europe second to Russia. What an interesting report that was because I didn’t ever consider Russia to be a part of Europe.)

On Friday, August 5th at 10:20 am, I received a call from Mrs. Tóth who said that she and Lüszi will be coming to see me in the afternoon – she was a little curious as to what an old guy wants with her daughter. Finally at 3 pm. they arrived with Mutyi, Lüszi’s dog. I showed them my Englsh communications facilities (flat / office – nothing special :D) and then we sat and had a light-hearted conversation, Lüszi and her mother sang a few songs, and Lüszi showed me just how clever her dog was. I found Lüszi to be every bit as talented and charming as I had expected. She is as beautiful inside as she is outside, and I have found her heart and cleverness to be larger and more secure than I had originally imagined. Since then, I’ve visited them and have talked to them on occasion and I wish them the best.

Lüszi and Her Dog Mútyi

Going back to the beginning, to support Lüszi, a young lady who I felt was the best, but was also derided by many so-called “adults” during and after the competition, I bought her CD as soon as it came on the market, and I’m very happy with my purchase. You see, Lüszi had found a Frenchman Renaud Schmitt, and together with Renaud’s Hungarian girlfriend, they produced a great CD that includes many original songs, a team of professionals developed the music, Lüszi sings a duet with Jean-lin Scherrer, a Frenchman, someone did up her hair and makeup, they inserted a small pamphlet with well constructed professional photographs and the lyrics of every song – most seem to be original songs (7 English, 2 Hungarian, 1 French). Lüszi has developed well and is quite professional. In my opinion, Lüszi comes second to none.

Her singing ability, her smile and charisma matches or surpasses the likes of Vastag Csaba,  Tolvai Renáta, and the others (I’m too angry to use their names, so I abstain for now), and even other established Hungarian singers in every way, whether her style of music is to your liking or not. Hungary is like a click though, so if you’re not in the click, your chances are less than if you were. I’m not sure where Lüszi falls into the line-up, but I would like to help her to become recognized internationally in a small way, especially if Hungary as a whole doesn’t recognize her and support her as they should – and should have already.

I continue to support her in several ways: give her words of encouragement, she knows I’ll teach her English and communication skills anytime she is ready, I advertise her every day, i.e; google: “A TV2 és Király család átverés” to see how active I’ve been. Why? Because I took sympathy on her and recognize her as one of the biggest potentials for singing talent and role-models in Hungary today – we need more people like her in this country. I don’t know Lüszi well enough to know her plans, but I do know that her performance skills are just a small fraction of her many assets. Lüszi has many options from which to choose, but to see “grown-up” bullies lead herds of “cattle” against her is more pathetic than my one-army campaign.

So, why did I create the “Tóth Lüszi’s Dream to Sing” Facebook Club? Over time, my readers and its members will understand the answers to this question. It’s not a simple one to answer, many more than I’ve just stated. For one, I had found numerous fake Lüszi Facebook accounts – more than 14, and a couple of hate-Lüszi clubs; “Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi” is one which still exists today.  My heart has just sank the more and more I research these things. After I had bought the CD and lavished praises on Lüszi, I felt something was wrong, and found out that I had been communicating with and sending friends to a fake for more than two months, but I also learned that Lüszi knew this person, who was actually a cop - and a fraud. I was a bit embarrassed.

Like any satisfied customer, I simply wanted to support her, but found it nearly impossible. Soon thereafter, I also discovered that I was nearly a lone CD customer, and the CD sales were dismal, but I didn’t see a good reason for it. Now I do understand that the likes of the Király family, Presser Gábor, and TV2 have a quite grip on the industry that any talent they don’t approve of is restricted, and in Lüszi’s case, even band – this is why the industry isn’t what I thought it was when I first arrived here. I saw an uphill battle that Lüszi couldn’t, in all likelihood, tackle on her own, so I, with my modest means, conjured up some innovative ideas to solve these difficulties. Lüszi recently posted “…hopeless, but not serious…”. I then posted in response “…serious, but not hopeless…”

Finally, after painstaking research, and some inquiries I made to Renaud, I found the real Lüszi. Lüszi and I thereafter soon began corresponding by writing notes to each other. At first, I corrected her English and she corrected my Hungarian; we started our relationship trying to understand the written text of the other – she doesn’t know English well, and my Hungarian isn’t always in a form that Hungarians can understand. We also had a few disputes – ha, it doesn’t matter what they were about. Once I quit, then she kicked me off, and now I am her Facebook friend again – and to stay!

Rewinding just a bit, before we became friends again, I took it upon myself to start the “Tóth Lüszi’s Dream to Sing” Facebook club in May of 2011. This came about when another Lüszi fraud's friend started arguing with me. She really ticked me off, and sparked my motivation to start the club; just at the last minute when I  was ready to quit this Lüszi thing all together, I received a Facebook message. Some bimbo teenager started telling me to leave her friend “Lüszi” alone. Here is the essence of that conversation:

“Lüszi’s ”best friend” Gèmise 'Orsi wrote to tell me to stop bothering Lüszi. I told her that I already wrote to Lüszi and said “goodbye”.

She said, “You did?"

I reiterated “Yea.”

She reiterated, “You did?"

We went back and forth a few times, and finally I realized that she was another fake, so I asked her, “Which Lüszi are we talking about?”

She gave me a link, and I said “Oh, a fake Lüszi.”

And well, even her fake “boyfriend Szabolcs Jenei” wrote something, but stopped short of defending this person’s ludicrous mask. She was so adamant that she threatened to report me to the Facebook administration. (It does no good: I’ve already tried to “Report” the “Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi” page several times.) I don’t think the real Lüszi knows any of these people – well, probably 2. (This conversation with the fake is documented in one of my blogs).

At that point the real Lüszi and I were still not "friends" again, but Renaud volunteered her to the club, and over the next weeks she warmed up to me. 

Knowing that popularity perception does count, when I opened the club I volunteered all of my 200 something Facebook friends to it so that we wouldn't start with just one or two members. My ”friends” are almost exclusively Hungarians and Americans. I also found other Lüszi ”supporters” from  the many fake Lüszi’s. And so it goes, that as soon as someone became my friend, I volunteered them. Of course none of my American Facebook friends knew Lüszi and they often dropped out, but without a note, or comment – no mind, I had the numbers high enough anyhow. The thing is that every single American dropped out quietly. Many Hungarians – many Hungarians – dropped out, but not without leaving the most nasty, anti-love messages against Lüszi, me, the club, or just the fact that I had caused them so much pain by forcing them to click the ”no-thanks” button should they decide to leave, whether they knew her or not. Pre-teens and adults in their 30s and 40s. These people want to be my ”friend” even though they don’t know me whatsoever, but when I sign them up to the club, which harms no one, they produce the most vulgar and frightening behavior that anyone can imagine. Haven’t these people ever had parents, or been loved?

Lüszi also called me via Skype to convince me she wasn’t the person I thought she was, but she also told me that she never approved of the fake Lüszis. So, I called out all the Lüszi’s and was able to encourage many of their members to defect, but not without some nasty verbiage from many, and many who were in on the conspiracies – children as young as 8, and adults in their 40s. 

The beginning of our relationship was certainly a bit tempestuous, but I’ve never lost faith in her and now I hope that this club and my work can prove beneficial toward her “dreams to sing”, and set the record straight regarding wanton character assassinations that antagonize it – and me – us!  If by chance Lüszi reaches my age and benefits from my efforts, she can do the same for someone else. Lüszi is as exemplary a starlet as any other recently produced in Hungary, and I would like others to see it.

In my country, a young talent who is so brave to go onto such a large stage, especially a talent who does actually have talent, would have undeniably received so much applause and encouragement as ever.

This one fake Lüszi had multiple participants in her charade. Where are her parents? Is it an innocent game, or an indecent one? It seemed bewildering to find so many impersonators. Király Viktor is wrought from the same mold, subjected to daddy’s whims – an imposter who is too shallow to recognize reality. This is clearly the destruction of the soul.

From my experiences, I have been inspired to translate and write short stories that will help people to be people, to become more aware of what life really could be like if we all demanded our hearts back from the devil. Two stories I have in mind to translate are “A Paradigm Shift”, and “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”, along with a new version of the “Cinderella Story”, starring Lüszirella.

Here’s another example of these fools. I had just recently asked Renaud, after several years, to open up the comment sections on the videos. After two short weeks he closed them down again. So let’s evaluate the conditions, shall we?

This was posted on:

I feel Happy- Lucy Toth (Tóth Lüszi) - Official Page in February 2013 just two weeks after we opened the comments.

fincsike19 17 minutes ago
Lüszinek le kéne innen ezeket a dalokat szedni,mert imídzs romboló,s olyanokat kéne feltenni,amelyek jól állnak a hangjához,mert ezek katasztrófálisak!
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fincsike19 22 minutes ago
A hangja ezeken a videókon felismerhetetlen,mintha hasbeszélő lenne.Nagyon rossz,élvezhetetlen a hangja!A megasztárban Lüszinek drukkoltam a különlegesen csodaszép hangjáért.De hát ez itt óbégatás.Meg vagyok döbbenve a változás miatt!
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Rajmund Orosz 1 week ago
Jólnézki de inkább modellnek menjen ;)

Now let’s look at the videos this fool does support:

Somehow this video and/or song is so much better? You know the devil’s hand is in it when the contradictions are simply too many, too fast to argue against. Let me just post a couple more:

ruiz martin has replied to your comment on HIEN - No More [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
te hülye vagym vaze?? Tanulj már meg értelmesen fogalmazni, mert egy szót nem érteni , mit zagyvélsz itt összevissza.

Has anyone seen her video? By the way, Hien does pride herself on being politically “Liberal”, a.k.a Marxist. 

It’s a rebellious, sex-oriented video, where 19 year Hein is dressed in black leather, the band is heavy medal, and the scene is dark. She touches her breasts often, and pushes away a man several times. Since Király Tamás, who is a fashion designer, dresses his models in dark and sadistic styles, whose favorite animal is the snake-quite fitting, and who maintains a strong influence in Hien's circle, one can only assume that he has also had an influence in Hien's course. When Lüszi was 13, she was often criticized for singing romantic songs at such a young age (romance of a more acceptable taste), but Hien, who is looked up to by teenagers, also does a Michael Jackson imitation that is not role-modelesque.

“I won’t be the one to tell you that I need you,
I won’t be the one to change my mind,
Should have known it’s over,
Now it’s really over,
Sorry it’s too late to cross the line…”

The words may be reformatted, but there are no other lyrics in the show. Would you rather your children emulate this character, or Lüszi’s "Friends"? Where have we all gone wrong? Communism destroys, and Hien’s songs are just as destructive. 

Yea, great (Sarcasm pouring down with my tears)! Yikes, someone put out the fire. The one that makes Dávid so hot, or the one that is burning down our home we call Hungary? David sings with a very raspy voice, and I don’t know how I could compliment him. By the way, None of these fools can sing the notes Lüszi can! 

This one actually isn't bad, but I don't like his songs generally-never have. It’s always the same tune. When he tries to push it, it often looks like he’s trying to squeeze out a turd (see Megasztár 6 Döntő). I’m sorry, but these latest comments... I must fight. Again, this here campaign isn't against the music nearly as much as our descension into darkness, but on a comparative note, I would find it hard-pressed for anyone to argue against my points.

Here's something Lüszi has written recently:

“Ideje, hogy ne legyek kedves éppen minden helyzetben mindenkivel.(mert eddig mindig az voltam) ... Más lehet bunkó, én soha! A FASZT gyerekek! ;) Ne csodálkozzon senki, aki kétszínű, és beleszarok az érzéseibe! No ennyi a véleményem. Sorry.”

We have created a dead man’s society! It must stop, and I alone, with the help of God and his soldiers will do exactly that.

These negative attitudes aforementioned are distinctly a dereliction of decent values. One can only speculate as to the reasons for some of the scathing blogs, or articles, and the uncouthness of others against Lüszi, but there is enough circumstantial evidence that someone was paid in some manner and the herds followed. This is a very taxing game indeed-not just to Lüszi, but to the nation.

I intend to educate others and enhance their reasoning skills if I can. Although Lüszi and I are very different, we share similar personal experiences regarding the same kinds of life-unbalancing sabotage by unsavory characters—in Lüszi’s case, we’re talking about the direct manipulation by a huge swathe of organizations that include hundreds, and probably thousands of people in a direct and concerted effort to kill her by any means—and if her life were dramatically taken other than by natural causes, the nation would pretend to feel sorrow without shedding a tear. In this regard, keep smiling, Lüszi, ‘cause God and I are on your side! This here club I started isn’t just about Lüszi; it’s about you and me working together to set motion on a better course. What I write are conspiracy facts, and for those numbskulls who don’t understand that just because someone uses the word conspiracy does not necessarily mean theory—I am scared, and someone asked me if I were afraid of getting sued for slander, and there is nothing slanderous in this documentation, just facts of a concerted conspiratorial nature.

There are small and large networks of pre-teens, teenagers, and “adults” that are in on networks of deceit all throughout this country, so I sometimes get nervous when I have students who want to leave this country for greener pastures because they often spread the behavioral diseases that haunt this country, without even understanding it.

Also similarly, I hesitate to criticize any other stars because, for one, Lüszi may be working with them at some point, but when I share information about Lüszi’s CD or post her photo on their pages, my comments or postings are taken down as fast as possible, but often not without lambasting the young starlet and my posting before doing so, seemingly with every breath they breathe.

If you invite friends over to your home, do you just talk about yourself? It just wouldn’t seem right if you did that, but that’s what almost all the other “star-wanna-bes” do. It isn’t the best way. I would like us to support each other, and still keep in mind that the main focus will be to accentuate Lüszi, who will benefit most by having this club. In other words, our themes don’t always have to be about the “star”, who is just one of us.

In this club, any of you can post almost anything you find interesting, or if you’d like to ask for help, advertise, or find a specific connection, it’s Ok. This page is not only to support Lüszi, but to support you and your communities, to share videos and ideas, to grow the Hungarian mindset in a small way, and for me to learn Hungarian. (Smart members who are interested in English stay because most of my stories and important texts will be translated professionally, so it’s also a great learning opportunity),

Unlike the other “star” pages which evoke “me”, “myself”, and “I” are all great, and nothing less than that is great, or an accepted posting, we evoke “cooperation”, “friendships”, “unity”, “family ties”, and “an easy-going mannerism”. “Competition”, for example, is a good thing and Lüszi isn’t threatened by it at all.

Please know that I am not her manager, but just a fan and friend. You can study me with my long but not boring Facebook profile or by reading about me at

With that said, our main directives should remain threefold:

The first point is about Lucy:

1. Encourage Lüszi to live a healthy lifestyle,
2. Sell the CDs, and,
3. Boost Lüszi onto the International stage,
– and in that order.

The second fold is about you and your community:
1. Developing the mentality of an entire community in just a small way.

The second point is about me:
1. Develop my Hungarian by translations. It must be 100 times more difficult and more expensive for me to keep this page active because my Hungarian isn’t the best, so I need to have everything proofread (re-written) when I broadcast my postings to the larger audience. It’s also a bit expensive, but I chalk it up to my education.

To talk about the club policies, all club members agree to the following:

1. Club members agree not to write messages to Lüszi’s personal Facebook account, nor her close friends, unless you are already her friend, close associate, or have received a personal invite to do so. Your membership will be terminated immediately if you refuse to heed to this rule, and it is likely your emails will go unnoticed and unanswered, at any rate.
2. Club members agree to treat each other with respect and use appropriate language.
3. Never argue with an administrator. There are currently 6 administrators for around the clock protection and support of Lüszi and the club.

This club’s main function is to support Lüszi as she develops her career and potentials. In so doing, this club’s focus is also to encourage Lüszi to blog and talk to her fans here, as she feels like it, without pressure, so we as a team need her to feel comfortable in our community.

You can write to Lüszi via email if you so choose. We can’t guarantee you she’ll answer you, but she may. Email address:

So, since we also have in attendance a group of fake Lüszis, I’d like to say to all of you, “Thank you for joining”. This is not my group, but Lüszi’s – the real Lüszi’s. Please help support her by telling the truths about who you are, but I know you won’t because you haven’t done so yet. Most of you don’t even seem to like Lüszi in any genuine way.

And lastly, certainly responsible guardians of our young should want every teenager to also do well in academics. This singing prospect for Lüszi is just one talent in this young lady’s life. I hope she seeks and is seeking others. She doesn’t have to be a star, if she were to ever change her mind, but her singing potential and her debut CD are both quite valuable and I would like others to recognize them as such.

By the way, I do aerobic kickboxing everyday with the CD. It pumps up my day. It’s a great product from a great gal and a great team of professionals. The re can only be one real Tóth Lüszi, with all of her charisma and detractions.

A List of all the fake Lüszis (some of which are now defunct), fake Lüszi clubs, and hate pages:

1. Tóth Lüszi Hivatalos Oldala – There is no official site for Lüszi. The manager of this site is a Fake Lüszi who doesn’t often go beyond the borders of this page.  Poking fun at me with another “friend”, Lüszi had blogged that the person running this site is a police officer, a friend of a friend.  – Boring, with nice photos. This is where I found out about the CD.  This page looks like it is defunct (June 2011).
2. “Tóth Lüszi” – Fake - the one whose story I told above. We are friends.

3. “Tóth Lüszi” – Fake – Popular. On the “Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi” Facebook pages she posted a “Sziastok!” Is that weak or what? She seems to take the hate on this site with a grain of salt.  We are friends.

4. Lüszi Tóth – Fake - I don’t know her. Just sent friend request

5. Lüszi Tóth (Az Igazi) – Fake - Friendship recently accepted.

6. Lüszi Tóth – Fake - just sent a friend request

7. Lúszi Tóth (Az Igazi LüsziMüsz) – Fake – Has original pictures. Friendship accepted. Friendship list very low.

8. Tóth Lüszi – Fake - No information available – friendship request sent

9. Tóth Lüszi – Fake - No information available – friendship request sent

10. Tóth Lüszi – Fake - No information available – friendship request sent

11. Tóth Lüszi – Fake - No information available – friendship request sent

12. Tóth Lüszi Hivatalos Rajongói Oldal – There’s no official page for Lüszi.

13. Lücienne Edit Tóth – friendship request sent – The real Lüszi is furious with this person.

14. Lücienne Tóth – Lüszi and many of her friends are friends on this page, so this is the only page that isn’t on my target list.

15. Tóth Lüszi Hivatalos Rajongói Oldal – The person who is maintaining this new site claims to know the real Lüszi, and said that Lüszi agreed to visit it.  I suggested we work together, but upon further review, realized she doesn’t seem to know the real Lüszi. I asked her a personal question about the real Lüszi, which only a few people know at this time, but I haven’t received any kind of answer whatsoever.

16. Lucienne Tóth (Hivatalos-Lüszii) -  Fake - just sent a friend request​e.php?id=100002134330214

17. Tóth Lüszi hivatalos oldala

Evil Tóth Lüszi pages or impostors:
1. Let’s Kill Tóth Lüszi page – I’ve tried to get cooperation to get a coordinated effort to get this site shut down, but I’ve only had luck getting a few people to “Report” it. Lüszi herself blogged on the page challenging some of the comments but there’s been no cooperation to get it shut down, so I showered it with flowers from Lüszi.

2. There was another evil Tóth Lüszi blogging on the page above, but she may have disappeared.

2. Anti Tóth Lüszi Klipp Community

Oh, my, there are more “Fakes” than I thought. Some don’t seem very active.

Óh, több „ál” Lüszi van, mint gondoltam. Néhányan közülük nem tűnnek túl aktívnak. Különös köszönet Pata Anna 3 kedves barátjának:
Remsei Emese és Eszter Molnár - Patai Panni rajongói oldal

Lüszinek szeretettel,
A legjobb barátai

Just extra notes I use to get the word out, and a letter from a supporter to Lüszi.
Látom, hogy a barátod "Tóth Lüszi" egy 'Ál' Lüszi. Egyébként az egyetlen célom van támogatni az igazi Megasztár Tóth Lüszit, azért kérlek, hogy csatlatkozz a klubunkhoz. Általában, csak fogsz kapni változatos zenet, vagy egy képet, viszont nem lesz olyan sok. Lüszinek rendesen látogatja a klubot.

Látom, hogy a barátod "Tóth Lüszi" egy 'Ál' Lüszi. Egyébként az egyetlen célom van támogatni az igazi Megasztár Tóth Lüszit, azért kérlek, hogy csatlatkozz a klubunkhoz. Általában, csak fogsz kapni változatos zenet, vagy egy képet, viszont nem lesz olyan sok. Lüszinek rendesen látogatja a klubot.Amerikai vagyok, tehát ha ez a szöveg nem tökéletes, azért. :P:P
Another club member wrote this some time ago:
Kedves Lüsz!

Bizony, kálvária, amit végigjárt, miután szembesült az „Intézményesült emberi kisszerűségekkel, aljasságokkal, szándékos akadályoztatással" ahogy megfogalmazta Fiderikusz Sándor is. Hányszor olvastam, hogy mit keres itt, gyerek még, iskolá...ban a helye, majd jól összeroppan. Az álszent féltés mögött a rosszindulat, gáncsoskodás bújt meg. És tulajdonképpen senki nem tudta megfogalmazni miért. Mert azok, értékelhetetlen szerencsétlen megállapítások, hogy nincs hangja, nagyképű, megjátssza magát. A hangja az csodálatos. Az volt és az ma is. Tessenek meghallgatni az új Emméne-moi című CD ét, és akinek van füle, az hallja amit kell. akaraterő és a céltudatosság meghozta gyümölcsét, amiről azt mondták az okosok, hisztizés, makrancoskodás, meg mit tudom én még mi, mert ki sem nézték egy akkor 13 éves kislányból, hogy ennyire tudja, hogy mit akar. A CD nemcsak nekem tetszik, komoly rendelés van belőle, Anglia, Németország, de még a USA ból is. Az már a mi szégyenünk, és hozzá nem értésünket, kificamodott ujjkori ízlésünket prezentálja, hogy Magyar országon, nem nagy érdeklődés van iránta. Persze ebben súlyosan elmarasztalható az írott és elektronikus média is, Ja, igen tudom a pénz. Hát először minden üzletbe be kell fektetni, és az, majd csak utána jön vissza. De itt már annyira belesulykolták a fejekbe, hogy nem jó amit csinál, hogy működik a népbutítás, és "nem rendelünk veszünk olyat, amit nem trendi, mondaná Győzike,. mert az nem jó. Pedig jó, nagyon jó. Csak tessék már megmondani nekem, hányszor lehetett látni a TV 2 vel kötött 4 éves kötelezettség alatt (amiből már el telt majdnem három) látni hallani a kislányt. Talán évente egyszer, megjelent egy független média riportja, interjúja Ez édeskevés annak viszonzására, hogy megkötik a kezét az érvényesülés felé vezető úton, és ezért nagylelkűen nem adnak semmit. Sokan még azt a döntést is megkérdőjelezték, hogy Ő a 2088 év női hangja. És a tisztelt TV kettő nem kérte ki sem magának, sem a zsűri nevében, és felhasználva a média nyilvánosságának erejét nem védték meg Őt sem, az aljas mocskolódástól. Akkor mi is ez a 4 éves szerződés? Szépen magára hagyták, oldja meg a problémáját a gyerek. A TV2 ha akarta volna, pozitív hangvételű megítélésék jelennek, meg az ilyen olyan himmi, hummi, ujságocskákban. Aki meghallgatja CD t majd meglátja, hogy a jóslásokkal ellentétben nem erőltette túl,és nem vesztette el a hangját, sőt. Nagyon szépek a számok, élmény meghallgatni.
Véleménye mindenkinek lehet, csak éppen fel kellene tudni mérni, hogy az, egy szégyellni való csak mocskolódó megállapítások gyűjteménye, vagy valóban, jóindulatúan közzétett "igazi" az esetleges hibákra a figyelmet, kulturáltan felhívó vélemény Nem állt szándékomban senkit kioktatni, pláne megsérteni, de ha csak egy kevés ember is hajlandó elgondolkodni, azon amit leírtam, már nem ültem a gép előtt hiába,és gyűlölködés helyett hátha javul egy kicsit a világ. Csak egy kicsi empátiát,és jóindulatot kellene mutatni a Lüszivel, és nem lesz felesleges, ha csak az álmunk válik nyugodtabbá, és a szívünk könnyebbé, akkor sem!

Látom, hogy írsz egy fake /hamis / Ál Lüszinek! Ebben a csoportunkban egy Ál Lüszik csoport van, viszont az igazi Lüszi is ott! Légy szíves, támogatsd az igazi Lüszit a csoportunkban. - Amerikai vagyok tehát nem mindig írok helyesen. :D
Köszi: - Szia Vigi! Láttam, hogy írsz egy 'Ál' Lüszinek. A klubunkban van egy 'Ál' Lsüzi csoport egy úgyanolyan van egy másik 'Ál'l Lüszivel is. 15 vagy több 'Ál' Lüszi számoltam a listoman (on my list) (Ámerikai vagyok, tehát nem mindig írok magyarosan :D)- Szerintem ezt a csaj Timea Hegyközi (nem biztos) mert ő elfejletette cserélni a login-t. Viszont, az igazi Lüszi is a klubunkban. Múlt pénteken ő és az édesanyá látogattak engem az írodámban. Sajnós, nincs képem mert meglepetés volt. Megígérttek, hogy jönnek hozzám, viszont nem tudtam mikor. :) Csatlatkozz a klubunk és beszélj az igazi Lüszi amikor jelentkezik, vagy blogolj a képen vagy valami ilyesmit. Az igazi Lüszi nem használja az igazi nevet is. Nem szabad nekem mondani melyik nevet használ, viszont ez nem túl nehéz kutatni, ha szeretnéd az igazságot.

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