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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mark Levin Educates Bill Gates & Other Billionaires on Capitalism

Then we have Bill Gates..How this moron..that's right, I said it. How this moron made 50 billion dollars, I'll never know. Don't mark any of this..the software...I get it, I know the history of the guy, but when it comes to anything else, he is absolutely dimwitted. DIMWITTED! 

CNS Well, we actually have this on audio, don't we Mr. Producer. Well, let's here cut 6. this is our friend Bill Gates, man of the people. Go ahead.

"In general, the world under-funds research because the person that takes the risk of doing the research (interrupted with "Aha, aha, yea") doesn't capture the full benefit of having done it (well said), (exactly) and so, you know, capitalism does amazing things, but it has one systemic problem in terms of research. . . 

What's that? 
". . . that it won't do enough. It has another systemic problem in that the needs of the poorest will not be prioritized the way they would if you put a more human-values (chuckling by Billy boy) driven system in. Now, of course . . . (cut off).

Now that's enough, dimwit. Let me explain to you about a human's value driven system. Let me help you out there pal, with your own company. See, you came up with your own little idea, your little software idea? IBM stepped in, and you and IBM smartly decided, "Well, let's do this." 

How many people do you employ now genius? How many families do you feed now genius? And look at how that resonates throughout the economy, genius. All the other business that were created: software, add-ons, hardware, on and on and on. You succeeded genius, that's why you got 50 billion dollars, because you've created something somebody wants, and you've created hundreds of thousands of jobs. See, that is a values-driven, human-driven example. Your own damn company, you idiot. 

Meanwhile, we have fat, slovenly federal bureaucrats earning over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year, creating what? Unemployment. Is that human driven, Dimwit! Damn, multi-billionaire, 50 times, he doesn't even understand how the economy works. Capitalism, ladies and gentlemen, creates more wealth..forand I don't mean making people rich, creates more wealth for more people than any other system. It is the greatest system for poor people ever devised by man. 

It's called the American dream. It doesn't matter what kind of filth and poverty you're born into, You have a way out. It doesn't mean you'll get out, but you have a way out. In these totalitarian regimes, whatever they call them, you don't. You're stuck. We have a massive government, that's bankrupt, that's about to create disastrous poverty across the board if we don't get it under control. 

It's called a systemic problem, Bill. Yes, we have this systemic problem where politicians are making decisions, not for the poor, not for the middle class, for the fat and happy bureaucrats, and themselves. Why is it assumed that politicians and bureaucrats make compassionate decisions? When, in fact, they are driven by ideology, and of course, politics. 

Let's say Ernie Graboski opens a dry cleaners down the street. Are his decisions driven by politics? NO! Are they driven by ideology? NO! He's trying to make a buck. So he learns what he can about the business. He does everything he can to provide for his family. He becomes an expert in what that business is about—dry cleaning. Or the mechanic, or the restaurant tour, or you name it, it doesn't matter. And they do it to create wealth for themselves, for their family. Then they start to hire people when they can, and those people may get ideas, and they may spin off and come up with different things. 

I mean, this guy used to be an entrepreneur, now he's just like a flat out idiot. There are not systemic problems with capitalism. Yea, yes, some people have a harder time with it than others, and that's why we have basic social services for, but we don't redistribute wealth and destroy the free market in order to accommodate the relative handful of people who don't know how to function under such a system. We don't create more drones, we don't create more people who are dependent on the system, that is government. That's ass backwards. 

And let me put it to you this way. If Bill Gates can become a billionaire, so can you. a dumber billionaire, there's never been. Well, check that. Soros. ..a dumber billionaire, check that ...the guy that started CNN Ted Turner..a dumber billionaire..check that..we got dumbass billionaires all over teh place. If they can do it, so can you. 

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