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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

(Hungarian) My Hand Delivered Response to Story Online and Blikk - Just before 2014Dal Finále

1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 9. II. emelet,
243. szoba.
Dear Story Online:

Please Note: The blog which you will be soon referred to has been professionally translated at a cost of thousands of dollars.

I would like to send a message to you, especially to the person who wrote this article regarding Tóth Lüszi. I am her friend, and I not only wrote a biography about her, but about the Király crime family which many in your industry support. My intention is to ask you to stop doing so, and become more objective with the truth. Below this article, you will find my „hozzászólás”.  This is an urgent message, as the Király crime family’s influence is spreading fast enough and Király Viktor is set to win Eurovision, which will be a big shame. I have not studied Story Online’s work much, so I am leaving you with the same letter I sent to Blikk – besides, I’m tired, but the fight continues. 
Thank you in advance,



Story Online
Alkohol és bukás: Ez lett Tóth Lüszi sorsa
Olvasnál még ilyen cikkeket? 
A Megasztárból megismert akkor még 13 éves kislány szép reményekkel indult, ám azóta állítólag rossz társaságba keveredett.


Tóth Lüszit a 2008-as Megasztárból ismerhette meg a közönség. A fiatal tehetség mára 18 éves lett, és a hírek szerint - bár szép reményekkel indult - elkallódott. A Blikk ugyanis arról ír, hogy a fiatal lánynak alkoholproblémái lettek, elküldték az iskolájából, kollégiumából, ráadásul meg is bukott. A lap szerint a szülők még pszichológushoz is küldték, ám a lány állítólag direkt nem mondott igazat a szakembereknek.

"Úgy emlékszem, zongorára vették fel ének helyett, és ez megviselte. Kicsit furcsa személyiség volt, például mintha szégyellte volna a dalát, ami akkoriban megjelent. Úgy tudom, kidobták a kollégiumból, ahol lakott, mert cigizett bent az épületben, és sokszor sokáig bulizott, aztán kicsit piásan ment vissza a koleszba" - mondta a lapnak egy volt osztálytársa.

Az utóbbi időben Lüszi állítólag rossz társaságba keveredett, az iskolát pedig inkább kerüli, mint látogatja.

"Próbált beilleszkedni, de nehezen ment neki. Volt fegyelmi tárgyalása is, mert összetűzésbe került a házirenddel. Nem tetszett neki, hogy zongorára jár, és itt elcsúszott a dolog, közben pedig a rendezett családi háttér is hiányzott. Mi mindent megtettünk azért, hogy beilleszkedjen, de az öntörvényűsége miatt nem jártunk sikerrel. Az iskolai követelményeknek sem tudott megfelelni, amit nagyon sajnálok, mert nevelhető gyerek lett volna... Talán a család elvárásainak sem volt képes eleget tenni" - emlékezett vissza rá régi kollégiumi tanára.

Így ismerhette meg a közönség Tóth Lüszit:


Dear writer, 

Please excuse me for I am writing this in English, but I no longer have the time or patience for additional translations. My name is Chris, I am an American. Tóth Lüszi’s my friend, and I have done plenty of research regarding her, the media abuse and corruption and biases that have taken place as recently as 2012. My research includes confirmation of  the TV2 and Király family scam with Megasztár, radio and news outlet connections, as well as Blikk’s biases, and their support of the corruption. I have done the research on these deadly and most abusive games that is stealing the souls of your people, your Hungarian audience, and my friend Tóth Lüszi. 

I am here today on an urgent matter. Király Viktor is set to win the ultimate international prize that Eurovision brings, and is now running multiple shows, while Lüszi has had problems ever since. My relationship with Lüszi is tenuous at best, and I am scared for my own safety, as Király Tamás, Király Viktor’s father has threatened me for proceeding with such matters, but then so has Lüszi. Nevertheless, the evidence of the organizations, which the Király crime family is a part of, and their incessant perversions of ’games’ and the Hugarian culture need to be exposed and addressed appropriately. 

I’m writing to you for a couple of reasons. One is that it appears you’ve done a relatively non-biased article about Lüszi, though it focuses on her as a failure, which is the typical Blikk crap. I have been keeping this story alive, as you may see if you do a google search on my blog, regardless of defamation attacks against me for doing so. 

Why the crap? What possesses you to write about this, and about this now? Do you also intend to reveal the full story, to declare that neither TV2’s ”talent shows” nor are RTL Klub’s fair and honest? Now Eurovision is infested as well. Rúzsa Magdi nor the others fool me. I don’t know them well, so I’m not accusing them, but I do understand their associations and doubt their goals are on the up and up. Yes, I am suspicious, and highly so. Do you also intend to interrogate Lüszi’s former colleagues, the administrations, and such about the scams, ask pertinent questions, such as the ones I have posed on my blog? Do your biases intend to  connect the Király family’s malice, current activities and connections that continue to help make this Balkan land one of the most corrupt and disturbed in Europe? Perhaps you could also ask others if someone feels that they should compensate Lüszi and her family with financial and other measures, since it is clear she was cheated and abused, and since its inception has continued for more than five years, as you and I both understand what has transpired in Lüszi’s life since, and wasn’t so before it all (Everyone from Friderikusz, Fenyő Miklós.. oh, the list is huge enough). 

It is true that Lüszi has struggled, but it is also true that the insolence from the Hungarian media culture has played its part to ensure her demise. Does anyone intend to ask RTL Klub, which is now promoting Tóth Gabi and other TV2 puppets and their puppet masters whether they think their affiliations might affect ratings? 

The one thing about your article that is clearly false is that you use the phrase ”TV2 Talent Search”, but this is false, as it is not, and has possibly never been a search for talent, but a scam, plain and simple, which, from my research, I can deduce most of you already know. 

Does Blikk somehow have a change of heart, or are they satisfied with their drive to have helped knock Lüszi, a bird that can no longer fly, out of the sky? Does anyone take responsibility, or is Lüszi’s fear to succeed to be blamed soley on Lüszi, who used to be competent and sweet, or the „Adult”-s and colleagues who gobble up tragedy with lust, and even more so if they have a chance for the spotlight? 

Your society is sick, and I alone intend to change it. Please read my article if you have time. It has been accurately translated at a cost of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. This war will never be over!

(RTL Klub +) A TV2 és Király család átverés (a Caramel, Radics Gigi, Fekete Dávid, Nguyen Thanh Hien, Friderikusz, stb. belekeveredésükkel kapcsolatban is) - a szervezett bűnözés leleplezése - Tóth Lüszi emlékére

(RTL Klub +) The TV2 and Király Family Scam (in Connection with Caramel, Radics Gigi, Fekete Dávid, Nguyen Thanh Hien, Friderikusz's, and other's involvement as well) - Organized Crime Exposed - In Memory of Tóth Lüszi

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